Young males discuss costume building around shoes, leaning over their heel figures


The Young Bucks wrestled in Dior Air Jordan 1 and the wrestling business has never been the same.

While the Young Bucks weren’t the first wrestlers to compete in sneakers, they helped lead the discussion about wrestlers wearing shoes and incorporated them into their storylines and characters.

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While shopping with Complex, the Bucks discussed how they use the shoes to get warmth.

“We were turning our heels and I said to Nick, ‘What’s the one thing we can do to piss off so many people? “” Wear expensive things. We love Nike, I have been obsessed with these shoes since they came out. I said, “What if we buy them, and not only, we fight with them.” I knew it would be a big deal, a big deal, I didn’t know it would be such a big deal. This is all out of our pocket. It’s a tax deduction now that I’ve worn them on TV. We wore them in one of our first games as villains and it got a huge response. We knew we had stumbled upon something really unique and from that point on it was ‘every pair of shoes that we wear in the ring we have to build a costume around’ and we started making costumes around our shoes “, Matt Jackson said. “We’re bad guys. If you accuse them of wearing replicas or knockoffs, bring it. It actually adds to our personality. ‘Oh, these guys are crooks.’ Believe what you wanna believe. I spend a lot of money on these. With us whatever you see or read about us take it with a grain of salt because we are still working and trying to get a reaction . “

Nick Jackson added, “I think we’ve made it a trend. If you look on Instagram or Twitter or any social media, you’ll see wrestlers in sneakers. That wasn’t a thing three or four years ago.”

Shane McMahon, who also appeared on Complex’s sneaker shopping show, was raised as someone else who struggled with sneakers.

Matt said about Shane, “Shane O Mac might have been the first guy to do it, but I don’t think all wrestlers copied him. Maybe Shane is the OG of wearing sneakers, but now everyone’s doing it. done. that, you don’t have to wear wrestling boots. Back then, if I showed up 15 years ago with sneakers, all the vets would have kicked my ass. wrestling boots. It is not legitimate. You’re not trained. “It was part of the business back then.”

Elsewhere during the interview, the Young Bucks discussed their willingness to light a shoe on fire and perform a superkick. You can find their comments by clicking here.

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