You can get paid to design Lululemon apparel and the work has awesome benefits


Lots of people have at least one pair of Lululemon leggings they’re obsessed with. If you’re looking for a new job right now, you might actually design your next favorite pair!

Lululemon is hiring for a dream job in Vancouver — a clothing designer.

Working for the popular brand gives you some nice perks, and you can help bring their sportswear to life.

Basically, you can get paid to get creative all day and work with Lululemon apparel. Not only does the job look amazing, but the company has some serious perks as well.

Lululemon offers perks like its Sweaty Pursuits program, which gives employees a monthly stipend for workouts and health goals.

They also offer mental health benefits, paid parental leave, and a goal-setting program for employees.

This is a full-time position based in Vancouver – so if you’re out of province or country, it might be worth making this job a reality.

With this job, you would be responsible for designing and executing various props, so turn on your creative mind.

Certain qualifications are required for the concert. You need at least four years of experience in the fashion industry, a master’s degree in Adobe’s design suite, and a bachelor’s degree in design.

You can apply for this position as a Lululemon Designer through their online application.


Why you should apply: For all apparel designers out there, this is an incredible position to work with one of the most beloved sportswear lines in the world.

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