Xbox 360 Forum Mid shoes launched with Easter eggs all over the place


In October, Xbox and Adidas announced a 20th anniversary Xbox shoe campaign. Xbox 20th Forum Tech was the first pair of shoes to be unveiled, but today another version was announced. This time around it’s Xbox 360 Forum Mid, with a classic Adidas look associated with the Xbox 360 brand. The news was announced via Xbox Wire a few hours ago, and a listing for Xbox 360 Forum Mid is already in the works. line. To give average buyers a better chance of buying a pair before they run out of stock, Adidas will not start selling the sneakers until tomorrow morning, and buyers will have to enter “the waiting room.” Read on for more details.

Microsoft and Adidas unveil Xbox 360 Forum Mid sneakers

The Xbox may still feel like a newcomer to the gaming space when it takes on Nintendo, but believe it or not, the brand has been alive for 20 years. Microsoft has created incredibly popular Xbox consoles paired with fun games that fans continue to marvel at.

The new Xbox 360 Forum Mid sneakers not only try to capitalize on what Microsoft has built, but also give fans a nice way to show their love for the Xbox 360 and the brand in general. The shoes come with the base colors of the original Xbox 360: white, silver and green.

There are all kinds of Easter eggs and great detailing in the shoes, from a strap that looks like the Xbox 360 disc tray to the classic Xbox button design on the outside of the shoe. You’ll even find that the console air vents are replicated inside the Xbox 360 Forum Mid.

Pricing and availability

The all-new Adidas Xbox 360 Forum Mid sneakers will be available to order on November 4 at 10 a.m. EST. To help customers show up on time, people can request a callback through the official landing page. The price is set at $ 160, which may seem high to some, but is probably only a fraction of the cost that third parties will charge once these shoes run out of stock.

In addition to the shoes, you will also get four additional pairs of laces in red, yellow, green and blue. Microsoft and Adidas say this detail pays homage to the colouration of the face buttons found on Xbox 360 controllers.

Taking from 9to5Toys

Having spent a lot of time playing Xbox 360 in the past, Microsoft and Adidas have done a great job in making me feel nostalgic. I can’t be the only one, and even if I was, the collectable nature of Adidas Xbox 360 Forum Mid will make it a very popular item leading up to the holiday season and beyond.

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