Why Loewe x On Cloudventure Running Shoes Are Worth It


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When you think of Loewe, you think of luxury leather craftsmanship and distinctive silhouettes. You’re thinking surrealism (See: Anthurium-patterned bodices and balloon stilettos from the fashion house’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection (opens in a new tab)). You don’t usually think about practicality – Jonathan Anderson, the brand’s creative director since 2013, likes to play with the balance between cutting-edge artwork and clothes that real people can actually wear. But with Loewe’s Cloudventure running shoes from its second collaboration with Swiss shoe brand On (opens in a new tab)utility and portability is paramount.

The sneaker is the perfect marriage of the two companies, modeling a Loewe handcrafted creation that represents the brand’s craftsmanship-driven approach to luxury fashion, while staying true to On’s high-performance roots. The trainers feature brass eyelets, matte or iridescent mudguards and hand-pressed marbled outsoles, all individually handcrafted. As Loewe describes in a press release about the release, the Cloudventure running shoe was “designed for both the city and the great outdoors”, which means non-runners will also find plenty of fun in the style.

The sneaker also features On’s signature high-tech elements, including its zigzag Missiongrip rubber outsole and Speedboard midsole (a thermoplastic polymer that flexes along your foot for optimal speed). The Best Running Shoes (opens in a new tab) provide comfort, traction and support – and Loewe’s Cloudventure running shoes tick all of those boxes.

The sneaker comes in new yellow, black, and white colorways and gradient shades of orange and khaki, which originally debuted in the duo’s collaboration in March 2022. The partnership’s first delivery also included a selection of On’s Cloudrock hiking shoes and ready-to-wear activewear. For those who are training for a half marathon or, perhaps, whose weekends are quite busy running errands around town, shop Loewe x On’s Cloudventure below.

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