Why do people hang their shoes on electrical wires?


IIt’s a recurring image in almost every country in the world, but few know the reason behind it. shoes hanging from electric wires.

The number of theories that have been established, trying to make sense of shoes hanging from electric wires, have increased its legend and mysticism. Gang clash, death, drugs, violence, partywhy are they attached and what is the origin?

Everything was born in the United States and United Kingdommostly in the 1960s and 1970s. Citizens in the suburbs saw pairs and pairs of sneakers hanging from electrical wiring and couldn’t figure out why.

In the United States, the cities where this practice could be observed most frequently were New York and Chicagoespecially in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods, which have seen the birth of organized gangs and gangs.

Street violence and crime

One of the earliest and most prevalent meanings is that of gangs and violence, leading to death that these hanging trainers represent. A reporter from Wbez Chicago, Knight of Meribaconducted a study on this practice and wrote an article entitled “Sneakers on wires: unraveling a myth” and proposed several possible origins.

Urban art or a joke between friends

According to the journalist, this appearance of sneakers hanging from the wires could be a form of urban artistic expression called ‘shoefiti‘, while it could also be a tribute to someone who has passed away, or made to mark an event (wedding, communion, baptism, etc.). It can also be to mark the territory of a gang or simply a joke between friends.

It quickly spread from the United States to Mexico and South American countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Venezuela. It has also reached Spain, where in almost every city you can see coaches hanging from electric wires.

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