Where to buy Vans UltraRange VR3 shoes? Pricing and more details explored


The American skate and lifestyle brand updates its footwear selection with an all-new collection of Vans UltraRange VR3 sneakers. With its latest sustainable range, the label is trying to bring more eco-friendly items to the sneaker market.

The newly launched Vans UltraRange VR3 sneakers are readily available from the brand’s official online store. With a retail price of $120 a pair, the shoes come in two fresh color options, dubbed “Chive” and “Cobblestone.” Interested buyers can also check the in-store availability of these pairs on the brand’s website.

The Vans UltraRange VR3 come in Chive and Cobblestone colorways

Take a closer look at the Chive colorway (Image via Vans.com)
Take a closer look at the Chive colorway (Image via Vans.com)

Vans is currently considered a symbol of skate and surf culture. Most people know and covet its ever-fashionable shoes, but emerging fans praise the company for another reason: its environmental goals. The label recently set ambitious sustainability goals in an effort to reduce its overall footprint.

By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, removing single-use plastics from its packaging and extending the life of its products by 2030, the skateboard label is now committed to a carbon-free future.

The brand predicts that by 2030, four of its main CO2 emitters, namely cotton, rubber, polyester and leather, will be recyclable, renewable or supplied sustainably. His latest commitment “VR3” supports this goal.

The description of the Vans UltraRange VR3 durable shoe models on the brand’s webpage reads as follows:

“Every little part of the UltraRange has been redesigned, redesigned and rebuilt with sustainability in mind, because how we get there is just as important as where.”

According to the official Vans website, these new models are made of 50% organic cotton, 34% recycled PET, 14% recycled nylon and 2% elastane. Both colorways adhere to strict material standards to ensure that at least 30% of the shoe’s composition comes from renewable and reused resources. This sneaker is designed to produce less waste than typical Vans cut and sew shoes.

Take a detailed look at the Cobblestone sneakers (Image via Vans.com)
Take a detailed look at the Cobblestone sneakers (Image via Vans.com)

They are constructed with knit uppers with cement patterns that match the shoe’s rough midsole. The Vans side stripe is featured in a clean white color that matches the badge on the tongue label.

The characteristic tiny brand labels are also added right next to the eyelets. Ultimately, these eyelets and tongue areas are finished with similar lace ties for both color blocks. Plus, the matching heel tabs add more detail to the back of the shoe.

Additionally, the shoe’s EcoCush midsole has been redesigned to include a minimum of 50% bio-based EVA foam that comes primarily from plant-based sources. The shoe also features Vans’ all-new EcoWaffle rubber, made from ethically sourced rubber.

The company described its truly innovative EcoWaffle rubber compound as follows:

“Our all-new EcoWaffle rubber compound is made with responsibly sourced natural rubber (instead of petroleum-derived synthetic rubber) from sources that follow proven ethical and sustainable practices that minimize damage and positively benefit natural and social ecosystems. in which they operate.”

Don’t pass up the all-new Vans UltraRange VR3 sneakers, which are $120 a pair. Purchases can be made on the brand’s online and physical sites.

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