What happened to Nike’s self-lacing shoes?


Nike created these shoes with athletes in mind, primarily basketball players. According to the shoemaker, the self-lacing shoe is ideal for sports because it accommodates potential increases in foot size that can occur while you play (via Nike). A lack of excessive movement in a sneaker – also known as lockout – is a problem that many basketball players face. Tightening shoes are a way to eliminate this completely, so players can focus on their game.

These Bluetooth-enabled shoes come with an app that lets you tighten or loosen them as you please. You can also adjust them with your voice via Siri or Google Voice. Users can also customize the side lights in different colors. Charging is important for these models to work. According Nike batteries should last between 14 and 20 days after a full charge. Plus, each pair comes with a charging mat that you can place your shoes on while they charge.

Although this shoe is a technological marvel, there is one hitch that may make you think twice before buying one. It does not work without the Internet. This was seen when the Adapt BB was released. It’s been widely reported that users were experiencing connectivity issues that caused the expensive shoe to not work and made them completely unwearable (via Washington Post).

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