What do you put in a locker room? 5 Ways to Design a Startup Room


A starter room can create a designated and organized area that can get you ready for the day and welcome you warmly into the home.

Whether you have a large family with an endless pile of bags and coats, or you just love being outdoors and need space to store pet accessories and boots, ideas for boot room can help you feel more organized during your day, as well as free up valuable space in other parts of the house.

From drying off wet pets and cleaning muddy shoes, to ideas for storing hats and umbrellas in the boot room, a boot room is a busy, transitional and versatile space, and one of the main connections from the outside to the home, so your design should be able to perfectly match the demands of your space and suit your lifestyle.

What do you put in a locker room? 5 Ways to Design a Startup Room

Our starter room design fundamentals explore the crucial elements to include when planning a starter room design in your home, along with stylish inspirations and expert advice.

1. Plan for efficient storage and organization

Large storage room with bespoke green wall storage and shelving, green painted walls, white painted ceiling with wooden beams, stone tiled floor with floor rug, white door

(Image credit: Olive & Barr)

If there’s one thing a cloakroom needs, it’s storage, and what goes with storage is organization!

Louise Wicksteed, Design Director at Sims Hilditch (opens in a new tab) says, ‘in order to keep a boot room organized, it needs carefully planned storage solutions. This could include rattan baskets, bespoke joinery or even a hidden cupboard under the bench seat.

A storage room can quickly become a dumping ground for clothes, shoes… and just about anything, turning it into a messy and unattractive space, so create separate storage areas and homes for all your belongings. will keep the room clean and tidy, plus feel more functional and easy to use.

Creator Tom Howley (opens in a new tab) also says, “a mix of concealed cabinets, drawers, and pull-out shelves allow you to designate specific spaces for your items.”

Whether you’re zoning the space by item or creating separate storage areas for each person in your household, incorporating smart storage solutions like shelves, baskets and hooks will keep your trunk organized and clutter-free.

2. Lay a resistant floor covering

Living room in a modern country house, limestone floor, bench seat, large shelf with storage baskets, coat racks, boots on the floor

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

A high-traffic area where family, guests (and pets) leave and arrive each day, your locker room floor needs to be extremely durable and practical.

Tom Howley says, “A tough, sturdy stone is essential in what is inevitably a high traffic area.”

Whether you choose ceramic tile, stone or laminate, your mudroom floor should be able to stand the test of time and have a surface that is easy to wash and wipe clean.

Louise Wicksteed backs this up and says, “Tumbled limestone flooring is a great option here. Not only is it tough, but it looks very stylish. We often use the same flooring in an adjoining utility room or kitchen to create flow.

3. Design a cleaning area

Storage room, with wicker storage baskets in high shelves, sink, stone floor

(Image credit: Birdie Fortescue, Paul Raeside)

Including a sink in your boot room design where you can wash wellies and have easy access to water for cleaning pets and other outdoor gear will keep mud and messes from spilling over. be brought into the home, such as laundry room ideas.

To elevate your sink space, place a wall sconce above it and decorate nearby countertops with plants and ornaments – using cupboards and baskets elsewhere to keep your cleaning supplies out of sight.

If space is limited in your storage room or the plumbing does not allow for a sink, create a designated cleaning workbench instead, leaving space for cleaning equipment and buckets of water , ideal for small storage ideas.

4. Provide Functional Seating

Contemporary gray starter room with floor-to-ceiling wooden storage cabinets, bench seat, floor boots, coat hooks, wicker storage baskets

(Image credit: Humphrey Munson)

As the main purpose of a mudroom for many of us is, as the name suggests, to store boots and shoes, creating a space where you can sit and easily put on and take off your shoes will only make the space more pleasant. more inviting and comfortable.

Peter Humphrey, founder of Humphrey Munson (opens in a new tab) says, “The bench seat provides a convenient place to sit while putting on shoes or packing a bag for the day. For families that focus on outdoor activities, incorporating extra storage space under bespoke seats that can hide wellies, walking shoes and trainers will always prove invaluable, especially during cooler months. colder.

A bench or seating area in your mudroom is also a great way to add color and character to the space, as Louise Wicksteed says, “It’s important to remember that while a mudroom is a functional space , it’s still part of the home and should be treated with the same design care as a living room.Add pops of color by choosing fun patterned cushions for the banquettes or a fun shade to paint the joinery.

Whether you’re exploring painted furniture ideas and bringing sparkle and color to a wooden bench, or decorating a seat with throw pillows and throws, incorporating seating can transform the feel of your trunk.

5. Use sustainable materials everywhere

Storage room with blue paneled walls, bespoke green painted open storage unit with coat hooks, seating, wicker baskets, stone floor, red patterned rug, window with cream and green patterned fabric blind

(Image credit: Carolyn Barber)

We’ve discussed the importance of hard-wearing flooring for your mudroom, but using durable materials doesn’t stop at the floor.

From lighting and furniture to accessories and paint, every aspect of your trunk should be carefully chosen so that it is strong, durable and practical.

Louise Wicksteed says: “As the gateway into the home from the great outdoors, a cloakroom should be a hard-wearing, well-organized space that’s easy to clean.

Whether you use washable gloss paint or add wood paneling to your walls to protect them, or choose sturdy wicker storage baskets, your chosen starter room designs should be easily cleanable and durable. to heavy use for years to come.

What do you put in a locker room?

Besides some of the key items we’ve already highlighted, such as storage baskets, a sink, and seats, other good things to include in your trunk are:


Shoe rack

-Pet accessories – such as leashes, beds, food

-Cleaning equipment

-Custom Cabinets

-Durable doormat or rug

-Open and closed shelves

-A mix of wall and ceiling lighting

– Personal touches – ornaments, paintings, flowers and plants

How to organize a boot room?

The way you organize your starter room is to carefully consider how you will primarily use the space each day and what types of items you plan to keep in the space.

Whether you’ve designated storage baskets for different items, such as bags, coats, shoes, and hats, or you’re organizing the space with individual shelves and hooks for each person in the house, do what best suits the size of your trunk and your daily needs.

Using a mix of open and closed storage can hide some items out of sight, making the space neater, as well as other items, such as coats, easy to reach and grab when exiting.

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