Weekend of fun and in-store fundraising in memory of skateboarder Ralph Roberts, who died aged just 26


The Ralphfest event will raise funds for the Like Like Ralph charitable fund in memory and on behalf of Ralph Roberts, of Lytham, who died last year of sarcoidosis, a rare throat condition.

Ralph’s family wants to remember him and honor him positively as a reflection of his personality. The second annual Ralphfest is therefore a fun and active event for all to help raise funds to support the art and skateboarding communities, including funding a new skatepark at ParkView4u, Lytham and Spotlights at Stanley Park Skatepark , Blackpool

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£38,000 raised in memory of skateboarder Ralph, who died aged 26

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The event will feature activities at Park View 4U on Saturday, September 3 from noon to 6 p.m., including an art exhibit and sale in the Ecopod, a comedy auction with Steve ‘The Hammer’ Jessop at 2 p.m. h with lots donated by Lytham businesses and artists; skateboarding and table tennis competitions with Vans shoes as prizes (entry £3 each); live music from Daisy Atkinson and Alfie Bridgens of Britain’s Got Talent; Freefly’s street dance performance; banjo lessons; a vinyl and vintage t-shirt stand; a pizzeria in L’Oro di Napoli, whose profits go to LiveLikeRalph.

This will be followed by an evening at Bootleg Social, Topping Street, Blackpool, for which tickets are available in advance for £5 at www.livelikeralph.comwhile on Sunday 4th September Ralphfest moves to Moor Park, Preston for some serious skateboarding including pro presentations and competitions with plenty of giveaways.

“We really hope a lot of people will come out and support us and have a great time,” said Neil, Ralph’s father.

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