WATCH: Jaylen Clark talks about saving more minutes for UCLA, Jordan Brand Shoes


UCLA men’s basketball goalie Jaylen Clark spoke to media on Monday afternoon about gaining more minutes in the roster this season, his health and Jordan Brand’s first two months of partnership with the Bruins.


Want to ride?

Oh, super impatient. It’s good that we are all here. We wake up every morning, we come to train, we stay late at night, early in the morning, that’s all here for that.

Difficult to keep yourself out of the queues before an injury?

Yes. I mean, it was nothing, I just got hit in the head but I’m fine now so that’s cool.

Playing with fans for the first time in Pauley?

Oh, just interact with them, see them in there, hear them live, give them something to cheer on. I mean, we had our crazy run last year which was cool, but they didn’t really get to be a part of it like they can this year. I’ve played in a lot of great games throughout my life, I don’t think it will change anything about my aspect of the game, but it’s just cool to play in front of fans, that’s the reason for which we all do.

Have you ever attended a UCLA game in Pauley as a fan / rookie?

Ah yes, for sure. I came – the last one I got was when Jaime hit the 3 to beat Arizona State and that one was jumping so yeah that’s cool.

In fact, be part of it now?

It’ll be great. Like I said, last year was my first year behind some players. It really motivated me during the summer because I want to be able to contribute, you know what I mean? Watching it was cool, but now it’s like I want to be a part of it. So every day when I wake up I remember how I felt when I was just sitting down so it’s great to be there now.

Is it going to be harder / easier to do the big FTs that you did last year with fans there now?

It doesn’t make any difference. It’s just another free throw. My coach in high school … always said that. “You won a million, what’s one more?” “

Do you think Jordan is big on shoes?

It was awesome. I mean, it’s just that it’s every kid’s dream. I know that for recruiting it is much easier. Jordan is a beautiful brand, the shoes are beautiful, the clothes are a big improvement on Under Armor for sure.

Special pair chosen for Thursday?

Ah, not yet. I don’t know what Imma is wearing yet. We have a lot of them, so it’s cool, there is a lot of variety.

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