Video about unique design of special wedding shoes goes viral


Video goes viral on social media in which a pair of shoes makes people laugh.

The video was shared on Instagram from a handle named bhutni_ke_memes.

Weddings are always synonymous with fun, food and frolic. Almost every wedding has some kind of funny video, which people are posting to social media these days for fun. One of those videos goes viral on social media in which a pair of shoes makes people laugh.

At first glance, you would be hard pressed to find anything special about the shoes in the video. The shoes, called the wedding’s “special shoes” in the video, have a secret specialty. The secret is only revealed at the end of the video and as you advance towards the end of the video you will end up in two parts.

In the video you can see someone explaining the specialty of this shoe. He says the shoes he wears are expensive designer shoes that are perfect for weddings. After all the compliments, the shoes come off, revealing the truth behind them. At the end of the video, it looks like the “shoes” are an illusion. The person is actually wearing flip flops underneath, which he glued the shiny shoe cover to. Now, it was certainly an unexpected turn after all the bragging. You can watch the funny video here:

This video was shared from an account named bhutni_ke_memes. This video prompted users to share some funny comments. While one jokingly asked for the price of the shoes, another shared “crying with laughter” emojis. The video received over 6,000 likes.

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