Toronto teacher buys Nike Air Force 1 shoes for whole class


Many teachers went beyond student expectations in many ways.

But one teacher exemplifies this by thinking outside the box – or some might say, inside the box – by making a difference in her students’ learning environment in a hugely creative way.

According to Yahoo Finance, the Toronto educator, who goes by @teachinthe6ix on Instagram, made her students’ day by gifting the whole class with new pairs of Nike Air Force 1 shoes.

The one-time purchase was made possible by fundraising to get money for the sneakers, then collaborating with local customization studio Mack House to help each student design their own pair.

The teacher posted the revelation on her Instagram account, showing the moment she unveiled what was hidden under the large white sheet and surprised her students with the iconic Nike shoes after watching the movie ‘Like Mike’.

The uncommon teaching method turned out to be a massive art project and an important life lesson that students will remember for a lifetime.

“My students come from all walks of life and some don’t have the simple luxuries that we often take for granted, like shoes. This year we really focused on creating an inclusive and welcoming environment within our classroom,” she wrote on Instagram. “As soon as they walk into the classroom, they know they can leave their worries at the door because the classroom is a positive and safe space.

“My teaching method is to incorporate life lessons into the curriculum. After watching “Like Mike,” the line “It’s not about the shoes, it’s more about who wears them, what makes them special” really got to them,” she continued.

“It made them realize that what’s on the outside isn’t what matters, but it’s your inner self and the way you treat others that leaves an everlasting impression. It’s someone’s character that makes them special! Seeing my students achieve this on their own was a pivotal moment in their overall learning. Sometimes, as educators, we need to step back from the curriculum and teach about humanity and its importance.

The educator ended her video with a message of thanks to everyone who helped her provide the sneakers to the students:

“A big thank you to my online network, GoFundMe and community members! This wouldn’t have been possible without you!” she wrote. “This is just the beginning! I look forward to doing more projects like this!”

The teacher proved to her students that it is about being creative and referring to your inner self.

Learn more via Yahoo Finance.

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