Tony Elliott pays homage to Clemson Past, Virginia Present with unique shoes


Tony Elliott is a “shoe guy,” something he made known during his days as Clemson’s offensive coordinator.

Now head coach of Virginia, where he will make his head coaching debut this fall, Elliott has taken his passion for footwear with him. Lindsay Huff, the wife of former Cavaliers basketball star Jay Huff, helped Elliott bring that to Thursday’s ACC kickoff in a unique way.

A licensed artist and designer, she made Elliott and his Virginia players who attended the media event in Charlotte, North Carolina shoes that show what’s important to them. And, unsurprisingly, Clemson, where Elliott graduated and worked as an assistant under Dabo Swinney for 11 years, was displayed on the shoe.

“Each shoe tells a story about the individual, about themselves, the things they are passionate about and their connection to UVA,” Elliott said. “Mine is about the day I got hired at UVA and left Clemson. One shoe is about who I am as a former student-athlete, engineer, coach, my family and also my desire for the program.

“She’s done an amazing job telling each individual’s story. It’s really cool.”

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