To give or to store… that is the question of spring



We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but what about spring decluttering?

With the arrival of spring, we all want our homes to be a little brighter and airier, which is why the frantic spring cleaning begins. However, what we should prioritize is decluttering our homes and garages as things tend to pile up in the winter.

Winter is a time of relaxation and hibernation, which is why our homes become messy and filled with useless items… it’s just too cold to do anything,” commented Brand Manager Mario Correia at Milton.

He explained that since we’re more interested in sitting down and staying warm, we tend to neglect small tasks and procrastinate on others.

What we don’t know is that when our home or garage is cluttered, winter dust settles and accumulates around and on objects. Dust is made up of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, so when it’s time to declutter, you’ll need to clean and sterilize all surfaces. Using a sterilizing cleaning agent helps clean surfaces and kill germs.

So, now is the time to declutter your home, throw out what you don’t need, and offer some spring attention, but where do you start?

Correia recommended the following:

• Put away your plaids and blankets. With the weather warming up, it is not necessary to have them available. By putting them away (in their place), you are already removing something in the room that does not belong.
• Create a space in front of your front door for shoes, handbags and satchels. That way, as soon as everyone gets home, it can be bags and shoes, and there won’t be any tripping over your son’s size 10 shoes.
• Sometimes we don’t even see the clutter, so it’s good to have a friend’s opinion. They will have less emotional attachment to objects and will be able to see objects that take up too much room in the room and don’t need to be there.
• An office is the only place accounts, pieces of paper and other items end up that don’t have a permanent “home”. Go through all these objects, throw away those you don’t need and file those that need to be kept.
• Create a sort method. One idea is to take four boxes and label them – throw, donate, move and keep. This way you will know what to do with all the items after you finish sorting them.

Garages can become the only place in the house where everything (and everything) goes. Soon, it becomes impossible to find one’s way in the clutter.

To empty your garage, try the following:

• Be ruthless in your decisions and dispose of items you haven’t used or even seen in the past year.
• Use plastic boxes to store items such as festive decorations, old books, sporting goods and some keepsakes. Be sure to label these boxes so you can always find what you’re looking for.
• When sorting, do not avoid boxes already packed; Just because the items inside are stored doesn’t mean you still need them.
• Put all the tools in a specific place and return them there after you have used them. Set up a workbench where all DIY activities can take place and where all your tools and gadgets can be kept for easy use. It also makes it a place you need to clean up when you’re done.
• Hang bicycles on the wall so they are out of the way and easily accessible.

Once your home is decluttered and everything is in its place, it will feel different and more peaceful. Plus, knowing you’ve cleaned and sterilized areas that haven’t been cleaned in a while gives you peace of mind that your home is clean, tidy and ready for summer.

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