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Timberland has been one of the most responsive companies to my inquiries on diversity issues. I was able to better understand the challenges of their headquarters in relation to diversity in their corporate stores.

VF Corp & Timberland: One of the Few Companies to Pursue Inclusion & Diversity with Publicly Available Information

Since they were first opened up with the programs they have implemented, I have made it a point to check their site often to see what programs they continue to implement across the board. While diversity will always be a challenge for a business located in northeast New Hampshire, the brand has systematically incorporated a solution-based strategy to tackle equally important issues in environmental challenges. Their latest program is Timberloop.

I know it’s a big picture, but it’s a great program. “We will take back your worn TIMBERLAND® shoes, clothing and accessories at the end of their useful life and give them new ones, ensuring that our products never have to be landfilled. Our circularity platform repackages used products for resale or if they are beyond repair, we take them apart and reuse or recycle the parts in new materials.

Circular programs are increasingly common in the sneakers and clothing industry. This is critical because the world is running out of landfill sites and dumping contributes methane, leading to climate change. Think about the erratic weather in your city right now. There are tornadoes in California, the number of hurricanes is increasing dramatically, and they’re deadlier. All over the world, tsunamis are destroying cities and coasts. Meanwhile, the factors contributing to these problems are overlooked. The consumer is oblivious and focuses on IG fashion trends. This places the onus on the brand to do better. Timberloop is an exciting program that should be celebrated as the norm. Shout out to Timberland for solving problems on all fronts with thoughtful solutions. Learn more about the program here: Timberloop

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