This snack bar in Vancouver sells super rare treats and a whole lot more random stuff


There’s a super cool place in Vancouver where you can spend an entire day exploring the rare snack aisles.

The store has two locations around town, and both are filled with unique treat options, including the unforgettable Dunkaroos. Plus, they also sell random streetwear in the store, making it a one-stop-shop.

It’s essentially a foodie’s dream come true, and you’re sure to find foods beyond your imagination inside.

It’s called Lucky’s Exotic Bodega, and entering it will take you back to when you were a kid in a candy store.

Food items like International Delight Oreo flavored coffee, Bob Ross fizzy drinks, Thailand Truffle Lays and more are all available here.

When you see some of the items from this shop for the first time, your jaw will probably drop to the floor.

It’s a super quaint little shop that’s the perfect stop for an afternoon stroll.

One is at 2641 East Hastings St. and the other is at 1361 East 41st. – so you can even hit both in one day.

Many of their buyable foods and candies even have familiar video game twists. You can find rare treats like Super Mario gummies that are shaped like every character in the game.

Not only does the store sell food and drink, but it also sells super cute streetwear like unique Nike shoes.

A bit random – but why not buy some sneakers at the candy store?

This rare store is definitely the one to visit the next time you are in the Vancouver area.

Seriously, these snacks would make the most awesome gift for any friend or family member.

Luckys Exotic Bodega

Price: 💸💸

Address: 2641 E Hastings St., Vancouver, BC

Why you need to go: This snack is unlike any other. There are so many amazing foods and drinks that you probably won’t be able to find anywhere else.


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