This new Melbourne store lets you design your own Converse


Do you like shopping but want it to be more interactive? With a new store in Melbourne, you can now design your own special Converse.

Renew Labs Fitzroy is a one of a kind place. They allow you to bring in your old dusty Converse shoes and repair and renew them. “A space for lasting self-expression. Where we collaborate and show your creativity. An inclusive space to continue, ”explains the official website.

The Renew Labs team of experts are available for a consultation to determine how you can extend the life of your beloved but ragged old Converse for as long as possible. They know that extending the life of old products is essential to reducing the impact on the environment.

They also run workshops where you can learn how to customize your Converse. Choose from a wide range of patches to add a personal touch to your chucks or choose a color upgrade for your eyelets and laces to keep your pair in your spin. You can also add a unique touch with personalized embroidery using recycled PVC thread.

The store itself is also focused on waste reduction: the Fitzroy store is built from locally sourced materials, recycled, recycled and reused. Local artist Callum Preston has created works of art using found and reused objects, channeling youth culture and street art for space.

The first series of workshops is organized by Tamara Leacock of fashion label REMUSE Designs. She will teach you how to dye a pair of Chucks using a natural indigo pigment. “Indigo dye is a really bold color, it matches so many things, it’s a great way to extend the life of clothes as they near the end of their life,” she explained. on Instagram.

So don’t throw away your old Converse yet and head over to Renew Labs Fitzroy instead. You can find more details about the venue here.

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