Thinx co-founder turned shoe design chief says no to painful dress shoes


Meet Antonia Saint Dunbar who brings her patented SoftSurround Global system

Entrepreneurship, good design and problem solving have been part of Antonia Saint Dunbar’s life, long before she co-founded THINX and Antonia Saint NY. After watching her parents run their graphic design business and her father work as one of GM’s design chiefs, Antonia co-founded disruptive personal care brand THINX, and in February 2022 Kimberly-Clark became a majority partner. to take it Global .

Making the long drive to her THINX desk years ago, the idea for Antonia Saint NY and her patented SoftSurround system was born because she relied on a “pretty cute” trusted pair – whether for work or evenings, despite the fact that she owned many more pairs of shoes. Most were stylish but uncomfortable, and so many shoe lovers she knew had the same problem.

After any movement, the discomfort of nice shoes is often too much, and Antonia pointed out, “We face a lot of challenges, but painful shoes shouldn’t be one of them. So just like when I was leading the design of THINX, my father’s design DNA came to life, and the SoftSurround system now makes our shoes different from others on the market today in that they support all parts of the foot in cushioned comfort, a custom fit, and with more durable production methods and materials.

To be specific, Antonia Saint New York offers supreme cushion with her patented SoftSurround system which includes extra padding above the toes, anti-blister tabs and a famous NYC podiatrist known by 200,000 patients during her star-studded career , shared that a deep heel cup and recessed big toe cushion could also be incorporated for other pain points.

Sustainability is also a key part of Antonia’s pursuit; they use a wide range of eco-friendly materials such as recycled and certified vegan materials, in addition to energy-efficient production processes and manufacturing products of lasting value.

Initially, shoemakers were reluctant to change generational production systems to bring about the necessary changes. But Antonia wasn’t about to let that deter her vision – three years of R&D has led to the refined fit and technology of the patented SoftSurround system now available from Antonia Saint NY.

The company’s blueprint is for nothing less than the “diamond standard,” but for footwear. When diamonds are appraised for their value, experts apply 4 or 5 Cs, such as “cut” and “carat”. Antonia couldn’t understand how a decorative object could have this, yet shoes – which impact our mood and our ability to lead our lives in peace – had no equivalent.

This inspired Antonia to design her own higher standard for footwear, the 3 C’s: comfort, construction and custom fit. Comfort is addressed with their patented SoftSurround system built into the design of each shoe, construction is addressed with better materials like patented ballistic nylon heels (no more nicks), and custom fit addresses the 60% of the population who have feet of different sizes with an option to order separate sizes for left and right shoes on their site.

As she continues to apply her diamond-inspired 3 Cs to every product, Antonia stays true to her good design roots every step of the way.

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