These Ryan’s World shoes are too cool for school


Skechers welcomed the start of the back to school shopping season with new Ryan’s World shoes.

The Skechers x Ryan’s World collection launched in July 2021 with just three shoe styles. In 2022, the major shoe brand added four new sneakers and two new clogs to its colorful collection of children’s shoes.

Just like Skechers’ previously released Ryan’s World shoes, this new batch of shoes is co-created by 10-year-old world star Ryan Kaji. Ryan’s World franchise, as well as the Skechers Kids design team. Check out the latest additions in the list below:

Skechers x Ryan’s World 2022 Shoes

Ultra Flex 2.0 – Hero Fun ($55)

This pair of Ryan’s World shoes features a slip-on mesh and synthetic upper with a gore instep strap. Available in kids’ sizes, the superhero-inspired sneaker features a Ryan’s World theme and ‘Red Titan’ character graphic.

Street Fame ‘Combo Blast’ ($55-$60)

Street fame 'Combo Blast'

Available in kids’ and toddler’s sizes, this mid-top canvas lace-up style features a canvas upper with a colorful Ryan’s World-themed print and “Combo Panda” character graphic.

“Hero Speed” Flex-Flow ($60-65)

Flex-Flow 'Hero Speed'

This pair of Ryan’s World shoes features a light up midsole. Available in kids’ and toddler’s sizes, the sneaker features a mesh and synthetic upper with stretchy laces that pair perfectly with the iconic Ryan’s World theme design, including a “Red Titan” character graphic .

Street Fame ‘Red Titan’ ($52)

Street fame 'Red Titan'

Available in kids’ sizes, this skate-inspired slip-on shoe features a red and yellow canvas upper and a huge “Red Titan” graphic on the front. There is also a “Dark Titan” graphic on the lateral side of the shoe.

Swifters II ‘Combo Panda’ ($35)

Swifters II 'Combo Panda'

Step into Combobunga style with this colorful slip-on clog featuring a durable rubber outsole and flexible EVA upper with a large “Combo Panda” character graphic on the front. This lightweight shoe is available in children’s sizes.

Swifters II “Extraordinary Pleasure” ($35)

Swifters II

This pair of Ryan’s World shoes is similar to the Swifters II “Combo Panda”. Available in child sizes, this comfortable, sculpted slip-on clog features a flexible EVA upper but with an overall “Red Titan” themed design.

Where to buy Skechers x Ryan’s World shoes

The Ryan’s World x Skechers collection retails for $35-$65 and is available for purchase at, as well as at Skechers outlets and select retail partners in North America.

Skechers x Ryan's World Collection

Skechers x Ryan’s World Collab

As mentioned above, the partnership between Ryan’s World and beloved footwear brand, Skechers, began last year.

Commenting on the collection at launch, Skechers Chairman Michael Greenberg said: “Skechers has been designing shoes kids have wanted to wear for nearly 30 years, and Ryan’s energetic enthusiasm makes it perfect for our award-winning Skechers Kids. We know the millions of people who watch Ryan and his family will love seeing how the Skechers x Ryan’s World collection is revealed on his show, and parents will appreciate that Ryan’s fun shoes arrive with the comfort and quality that only Skechers delivers.

Ryan Kaji in the Skechers x Ryan's World Flex-Flow 'Hero Speed'
Ryan Kaji in the Skechers x Ryan’s World Flex-Flow ‘Hero Speed’

Kaji, the young online superstar known for his playful videos on his YouTube channel which has over 32 million subscribers, added, “These shoes are awesome and I know my fans are going to love them. help design the sneakers and we did some cool stuff in a special video that I can’t wait for everyone to see!”

Below is the special video released as part of Skechers’ Ryan’s World shoe collection promotions last year:

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