These quirky inflatable concept shoes created using everyday objects are breaking the internet


Designer UV-Zhu’s inflatable shoes have literally taken Instagram by storm! Tossing functionality and practicality completely aside – these one-of-a-kind shoes included everything else. Previously, we covered his puffy-soled shoes with squishy uppers and protruding tentacles that very honestly mimicked mutated creatures. And this time, we dive into his new kicks, which are supposed to be “inflated”.

Designer: UV-Zhu

UV-Zhu’s Nike concept series are basically inflatables paired with everyday objects, resulting in kicks you’d probably never see in the Nike showroom. The ankle straps are made from white garters, silicone and paper based tapes. The outsoles have been provided with springs to allow the wearer to walk without making any effort to walk!

Sponges and a myriad of soft padding types have been inserted between these layers, creating comfortable cushioning for the wearer. Some shoes have also been fitted with a layer of candy and quirky hair as the outsole!

After then, his ‘AIR’ collection – that’s exactly what it sounds like. This collection consists of air-inflated shoes, and their soles almost look like flotation devices. UV-Zhu himself implies that these amazing shoes have no practical use and are simply an artistic exploration of form – they are fun in the name of art! And sometimes that’s just what you need.

Of course, there’s also the addition of chewing gum in some tops (UV loves their gummies in sneakers), while others have a completely sheer design.

UV-Zhu’s concept shoes reimagine everyday objects as wondrous, puffy shapes. Yes, they don’t have a lot of features, but they do add a playful and quirky element to the otherwise serious world of fashion. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with having things that are just funny and fun to watch, without having a deeper agenda. What do you think?

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