These Monstera sliders are an oddly satisfying example of nature-inspired design


I’ll be honest, I’m pretty overtly critical when it comes to weirdly designed shoes (Yeezy Sliders in particular), but Unsent Studio’s Monstera Mule really makes me happy!

Designed taking inspiration from the leaf of the Monstera Deliciosa plant, the sliders have a rather attractive form factor that resembles the leaf wrapped around your foot. A whole different take on the term “herbal” if you ask me!

Designer: Unsent Studio

The shoe is molded in one piece, just like Crocs and Yeezy Sliders, making it durable and incredibly convenient for mass production. You can even make them in different colors, and Unsent Studio has even experimented with shades of green, in a way celebrating the fact that different plants have different colored leaves.

What’s so incredibly appealing about the shoe’s design is its commitment to staying true to the original. There’s enough artistic expression to enjoy here, but the beauty is all in how beautifully the shoe mimics the sole. You have the stem (midrib), veins, and even a cellular texture that looks and feels like a leaf!

Unfortunately, the Monstera Mule is conceptual at this time, although with enough demand and attention, Unsent Studio may consider doing some sort of limited launch or drop! Hit them up on Instagram if you’re interested.

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