These hands-free slip-on shoes from Kizik are great for lazy people like me


Kizik shoes have a unique heel design that allows you to put them on, hands-free, like slip-on shoes. The elastic heel compresses and rebounds to give you the full support of a trainer when put on, without having to slip your thumb down your back or undo the laces.

In the summer, I live in sandals. I love that I can put them on in seconds for going out with the dog, picking up packages, going to the local store, or sitting on the deck. During the cooler months, however, I resign myself to putting on an old pair of trainers. I’ve usually destroyed the heel of them within a few months, as I’m often too lazy to put them on properly. Instead, I stand on my back when I put my feet in and wear them like glorified clogs.

I’m happy to put on a good pair of shoes or trainers when I go to a bar or out for dinner, but for the fifth dog walk of the day or another package left on the doorstep, I just can’t. not bother to spend the time. That’s why I now wear my Kiziks all the time.


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These modern eco-knit sneakers sit by my doorstep and are my go-to for any quick outing. The difference between these and my old broken slip-ons is that I can also wear them when I’m heading further afield. I even wore them while going through airport security and boarding a rather fancy flight. Other than the short time it took me to put them back on after they were x-rayed, you’d never know these weren’t ordinary sneakers.

I was originally supposed to test these Kizik shoes in the gigantic halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center in January, but due to COVID cancellations, they became my pair at home and probably saw more use because of it. The pair I tested was the Men’s Madrid Eco-Knit, in light grey. I liked the simple design and thought they would go with most outfits.

The fit is slightly smaller than I’m used to and a little snug on my toes, so I’d recommend ordering a half size larger than your usual choice. I tied the laces when I first put them on and haven’t touched them since, although you can choose to hide the laces or remove them completely if you prefer, as they are purely decorative.

Otherwise, the shoes are really comfortable, and while they aren’t as stylish as some fashion sneakers, they certainly look better than my old battered slip-on sneakers.

Kizik Shoes

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If plain light grays aren’t your thing, this pair is also available in six other colors and four other shoe styles in both men’s and women’s ranges – all named after cities. They are also all available in regular and wide widths.

The Kizik Madrid Eco-Knit shoes start from $99 / £94 / AU$162. If you regularly kill the back of your shoes, need a pair that’s easy to pull on, or like the idea of ​​never tying shoelaces again, this is definitely worth the investment.

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