The teacher surprises his whole class with new shoes!


Most people can remember the name of their favorite school teacher. This teacher who managed to leave a lasting impression on you.

The teacher who cared about you, made you laugh, or was interested in you. The truth is that these teachers were the crème de la crème.

And while not every teacher is able to hold on and hold this reign, we hope every student is lucky enough to have a favorite.

This teacher is definitely going to be a favorite for his class. A story was told of how she managed to raise funds to buy each of her students a year-end gift.

She goes like Teach In The 6ix and here’s what she had to say on her post:

“My students come from all walks of life and some don’t have the simple luxuries we often take for granted like shoes. This year we really focused on creating an inclusive and welcoming environment within our From the moment they walk into the classroom, they know they can leave their worries at the door because the classroom is a positive and safe space.

“My teaching method is to incorporate life lessons into the curriculum. After watching ‘Like Mike’, the line ‘It’s not about the shoes, it’s more about who wears them, what makes them special “really touched them.” (Instagram)

Her love for her students and the lessons she learned from them inspired her to give each of them their own pair of Nike shoes.

After using her own money, she then asked for help from the community and was able to buy everyone their own pair.

Next, she commissioned a sneaker customization studio to help her students design and customize their new shoes. What a great way to allow them to appropriate their creativity and also to express themselves!

Check out her video below, courtesy of Instagram.

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