The story of how Project Chronos teased its main character design with stolen artwork of Rex from Xenoblade


What a way to start today’s news, huh? In October, an unknown company created a Facebook page promoting its brand new “idle game” titled Chronos Project. Although the page itself is in English, the fact that the description says “a perfect combination of easy play and simple culture” stinks a lot of machine translation. Yet, I digress because that is not what we are discussing here today. Instead, we’re talking about…this:

The photo above was posted a few days ago. The post claimed that the image consisted of concept maps and a teaser of the character image design that would be shown in-game, but hey, do you notice anything… familiar? Well, that’s because the supposed character is none other than the property of MonolithSoft. Specifically, it’s Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. But wait ! Keep reading as there is more to this.

It turns out the art was, unsurprisingly, stolen. In particular, the image was literally copy-pasted from this artist on pixiv. Now the original artist only drew Rex from his waist up and above, so to add insult to injury, whoever copied the image also incorrectly drew the rest of his legs and his shoes in an attempt to appear somewhat convincing. But it doesn’t take a trained eye to notice how well the top and bottom halves fit together.

A few hours later, after much comment on social media, the page posted another post with the same caption, only this time Rex was replaced with the image below, this time with what I assume is the “correct design” for the character:

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Finally, they released a disclaimer this morning showing the “design process“, simply stating that Rex was a character used for reference purposes only and that he “does not represent the final design for our role, or commercial behavior”. while showing an assortment of different characters, such as the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC costume for Link in breath of the wildand a character from Great Sagaanother title that has its fair share of controversy due to Cygames similarities Grandblue Fantasy.

They say plagiarism is a form of flattery, but I don’t think that’s allowable here, even though they claim Rex was only used as a “reference”. This whole situation amuses and intrigues me in equal measure, but looking back, we’ve covered a Trails series scam in April that ripped off Nihon Falcom. Unfortunately, even after some research, I couldn’t find the company behind this Chronos project, but in all honesty, it might be better if we didn’t know.

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