The shoes you need in your wardrobe this fall


As the leaves change, your wardrobe should too. Fall trends are comfortable shoes that can take you anywhere. The versatility of fall shoes is essential for a fashionable season.

Here are some shoes you need.

Ruby platform ankle boot

These boots will take you anywhere. The perfect boot anywhere is dinner with your friends, a night out or just a casual shopping day. With a thick heel and a different colored sole, this boot will stand out in your fall wardrobe.

Taysha high boot

Dress them up or dress them down, these boots will elevate any look you wear this fall. The square toe is back and matches the chunky asymmetrical heel. These boots will become a staple in your wardrobe.

Tazz slipper platform

These slippers are the perfect comfortable shoe this fall. Whether you’re wearing it to class with sweats or lounging around the house, the platforms mixed with the red stitching will add a stylish touch.

doc marten jadon platform

A staple in any fall wardrobe. They are comfortable and stylish while giving a look of chunky shoes to your outfit. The Jadons will add flair to your look and keep you on trend.

You can wear them for going out or with casual daily wear.

Rising Converse Platform

These shoes will take you everywhere in style. Perfect for any outfit, jeans, sweatpants or whatever you feel like. The brown color is ideal for fall, and they are customizable allowing you to make them however you like.

club c double revenge women’s shoe

A perfect everyday sneaker. The platform adds another level to these shoes. The green color is perfect for fall and acts as a neutral.

You can wear them with any outfit, sweatpants or sportswear for a more sporty look.

new balance 574 core

A sporty version of the casual sneaker. The muted tones and chunky structure put them on trend for this season’s fashion, but remain a classic in any wardrobe. These sneakers are both comfortable and stylish.

They can be paired with leggings and a hoodie or jeans and a casual t-shirt with a jacket.

laurs tread-sole loafers

This modern version of the classic work shoe will allow you to wear it every day. Loafers have been present in the workplace for decades, they are a must-have item for anyone who works. They went out of trend and were considered shoes for the elderly, but they are back.

The added platform and chunky multicolored soles make these shoes wearable in the office and outdoors.

Birkenstock Boston Clogs

Classic birkenstocks have made a comeback in mainstream fashion over the past five years, now it’s the turn of the Boston Clogs. These shoes offer the comfortable, molded sole to your feet of classic birkenstocks while still covering your foot.

Pairing these clogs with a fun sock or a comfy pair on a cold day is a stylish and cute way to add to your look. These shoes have grown in popularity in recent months and are often paired with neutral outfits and neutral tones.

These are great casual shoes for fall.

Your style reflects your personality. Shoes are like an accessory for any outfit. They can be the pop of color, the staple piece, or the focal point that you want people to notice.

There are trends you love and others you hate. Tracking them is entirely up to you. These are the latest fall shoe trends that will keep your wardrobe fresh and stylish.

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