The Nike CryptoKicks NFT sneakers are for the fashion-conscious metaverse


If you’re a sneakerhead in your real life, you should also be ready for the coolest pair of sneakers in your virtual life. This luxury comes courtesy of Nike CryptoKicks for Metaverse Worlds. And yes, don’t forget to lace them up while walking around in VR!

Nike previously filed seven trademark applications related to the Metaverse, clearly suggesting their affinity with the trending pop culture of virtual assets. In line with this vision for the future, the American multinational acquired RTFKT Studios, a digital fashion and 3D creation studio in December 2021. Now, the first nectar of their creation is in plain sight. Yes, you know where this is going, don’t you?

Developer: RTFkt Studios

The first digital sneakers from Nike and RTFXT have been released and they are calling them the Nike CryptoKicks. It’s a design based on the Nike Dunk Genesis sneaker, and it’s Nike’s foray into the world of NFTs, and eventually the Metaverse. RTFKT calls this creation the “Future of Sneakers” and we really stand behind that statement. Nike hinted at its interest in making digital sneakers and apparel in November 2021, so after all, this reveal comes as no major surprise to enthusiasts.

People who own RTFKT’s mysterious MNLTH digital box, which was dropped for free to those who have the Clone-X. There was a mystery surrounding what the MNLTH Cube actually contains, and now, after almost three months, we know of one of its hidden gifts. Digital clothes can be featured in metaverse worlds as their appearance can be changed via the collectible skin flasks for different styles. For starters, the EVO X collection will kick off with eight different skins that can be boosted with drip upgrades and special powers.

This virtual dunk silhouette gets an ultra-futuristic bump with the metallic pieces, a noticeably modified sole and panels to match swapping out the screens for customization. The CryptoKicks sneaker is going to be one of many future releases in the pipeline and we can expect the library of skins to grow exponentially as well.

As Nike stated at the CryptoKicks launch, “Nike is focused on potential ways to use blockchain technology to serve our consumers in athletic footwear, apparel and equipment. The MNLTH is just the beginning of a future serving athletes in this space.

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