the design of the definitive version of the sporty SUV on the run


Hybrid of the electric iX, the BMW XM with an M like Motorsport, will be unveiled at the end of the year. But don’t wait any longer to discover its final lines.

The large sports SUV BMW XM will be unveiled at the end of the year. But you can now get an idea of ​​its final lines, which, it is true, are not very far from those of the eponymous concept car. It makes sense today that brands no longer indulge in false promises, both stylistically and technologically. BMW is no exception to the rule as evidenced by the industrial property patents, filed by the brand and which have leaked on the Web.

Difficult to fit more imposing nostrils in the muzzle of an SUV. The BMW XM Concept has one hell of a face.©BMW

BMW XM barely wiser than the concept car

Without surprise, the nose of the BMW XM, which will arrive in dealerships in early 2023, sports imposing nostrils framed by lights on two floors. Exuberant, even caricatural, but this is assumed on a living room prototype, the grille seems a little more reasonable on the production XM. On the other hand, the lighting of the contour of the nostrils will be preserved, this allows to have a characteristic and very clearly identifiable light signature.

With its daytime running lights perched on the edge of the bonnet and its headlights cleverly concealed behind a dark surface, the BMW XM will follow the path traced by the 7 Series limousine. Vis-à-vis the concept car, unveiled in November 2021 (see our photo gallery), the style has necessarily softened a little, especially in the treatment of the lights, whose contours are now horizontal and lose the “stiletto” spirit. shoe” which created a sensation in the concept. The sides are also more sober both in terms of the shape of the wheel arches and the treatment of the quarter panels.. Finally, at the level of the stern, the shield also calms the game but retains, and that’s good, the hexagonal exhaust outlets superimposed. Let’s be a little patient before discovering the layout of its interior.

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