The Best Types of Shoes to Wear With All Your Baggy Jeans


See you soon, skinny jeans! Gen-Z has been saying loud and clear on social media that skinny jeans are out of fashion and won’t be considered “cool” anytime soon. If you want to try the new denim trend, hop on the baggy jean train. It seems that this new trend is the farthest from skinny jeans. Loose denim has caught the attention of trendsetters and comfort seekers.

Starting in fall 2021, baggy denim started making catwalk appearances, starring in several fashion shows like Balenciaga, Peter Do and Molly Goddard. Since then, the jean silhouette has gone viral on social media, even causing a stir between Gen Z and Millennials over the future of skinny jeans. Spoiler alert-gen-z was right. Skinny jeans are now far from the most popular jeans on the market as most brands and consumers are turning to the super baggy denim trend. Street style stars like Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are only fueling the trend by constantly making headlines with their stellar baggy denim outfits (via Instagram).

The biggest dilemma of the baggy jeans trend seems to be how to style an outfit around them. In and of themselves they are a statement – so what more is there to say? Influencers and stylists seem to say that “small tops, big pants” is the way to go, but there’s a key element missing from that statement. What about shoes? Here are five types of shoes to wear to complete your baggy denim look.

Platform sneakers

For the woman looking for casual comfort, platform sneakers are a great way to stay fashionable while staying true to yourself. Platform sneakers and baggy denim seem to pair well, as adding height can help baggy denim look less frumpy on the body. Platform sneakers, a simple fitted crop top and baggy jeans are the perfect flattering outfit for early fall (via Instagram). In addition, the sneakers can be worn up or down, leaving many other outfit combinations as well.

Trendy moccasins

The varsity aesthetic is very trendy this fall, which makes loafers popular. Loafers not only pair well with schoolgirl plaid and khakis, but also with baggy jeans. Specifically, chunky loafers give off the cool-girl vibe associated with the baggy jeans trend. They add the perfect amount of height to complement the looseness of the jeans. Combine the best of both worlds with a varsity-inspired denim fit. Try pairing your baggy jeans and loafers with a blazer for the ultimate college vibe (via Instagram).

Comfortable clogs

Clogs are another retro style that comes into the picture. We know you may roll your eyes at this one, but hear us out! We’ve seen slides and Crocs enter the market steadily over the past year, making it a matter of when, not if, the clogs would return. Clogs pair well with the baggy jeans trend as they are an easygoing style, much like baggy denim. Pair your baggy denim and clog look with a bomber jacket or an oversized button-up shirt for a casual yet on-trend look (via Instagram).

Formal heels

Denim isn’t just for casual looks anymore! Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town or just want to dress up for the day, formal heels can spice up your baggy denim outfit. Denim really goes with everything, and this pairing will make you feel like a runway model. Also, size is always a plus with baggy jeans. Try pairing your baggy jeans and heels with lots of sparkly accessories and a cute bag for best results (via Instagram).

Doc Marten style ankle boots

Doc Marten ankle boots have become a fall necessity due to their versatility and comfort, and they just happen to pair perfectly with baggy jeans. Due to their grunge nature, they are a natural complement to the Y2K style of loose denim. Even Doc Marten shows off how well their boots pair with baggy jeans and a leather coat, giving you the perfect amount of grunge for an on-trend look – and you’ll stay warm on chilly fall days and nights.

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