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It’s that time of year again. Temperatures are dropping, the sun is setting earlier and the roads are getting slippery with snow. Even outdoor enthusiasts rely on the treadmill during the winter months. Not only can you stay dry and warm, walking on a treadmill has benefits, like an adjustable incline and a shock-absorbent surface. They’re also ideal for training purposes, like tracking speed, heart rate, and calories.

Even though walking on a treadmill is easier on your body than on the sidewalk, it’s still important to consider a pair of shoes that provide adequate stability and comfort to support your joints and promote healthy alignment. Miguel Cunha, chiropodist and founder of Gotham Footcare in New York City, told NBC News, “It’s important to choose a shoe that offers as much durability and protection as possible without sacrificing comfort or flexibility.” When it comes to fit, it’s important to remember that everyone’s foot is different and sizing can vary from brand to brand. Fortunately, online stores have made buying and returning shoes a breeze, so you can easily return them if they don’t work. To ensure the best fit, Cunha explained that the tip of your thumb should fit between the end of the shoe and the end of your longest toe. In addition, it is essential to make sure that the toe box is wide enough to wiggle your toes slightly.

Now that you know the elements of a perfect fit, check out our list of the best treadmill walking shoes for men and women.

These are the best treadmill walking shoes for women

Since the athleisure trend is not going anywhere anytime soon, our best womens treadmill shoes will meet the needs of both function and fashion. Who doesn’t like a little height? As the most cushioned shoe on the market, the Hoka Clifton 8 offers an elevated look and super comfortable footbed. The Clifton 8’s easy rocker design is made from an open weave mesh, making them incredibly light and breathable.

According to Melissa Garcia, a Washington-based physiotherapist, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is her choice for the best treadmill walking shoe. Garcia told “The pegasus offers a lot of responsive cushioning throughout the heel. For walking on a treadmill, they give the user a good return of energy with every step.” The sleek sneaker is also constructed with a seamless foam tongue, eliminating unwanted pressure on the top of the foot and a zippered FlyEase entry system for quick and easy access.

What are the best treadmill walking shoes for men?

Compared to women’s models, men’s athletic shoes are generally wider and padded to support heavier weights. A 2019 study by the American Journal of Sports Medicine found that sufficient cushioning based on body mass has been shown to prevent injuries from running and walking. So, a man’s style might actually be a great option for anyone with wider feet or a larger body.

The Asics Gel-Kayano lets you walk the treadmill with confidence. With its structured design, fitted heel and well-cushioned sole, this is the perfect shoe for those looking for high-end ankle support and comfort. The latest model has a redesigned mesh upper, keeping feet cool, while the sole is more flexible to help promote a more natural ride and a softer, smoother feel as your foot lands.

Almost the opposite is the featherweight Saucony Kinvara 12. When walking long distances the last thing you want are heavy feet. So, fast walkers will love this model. They are flexible, padded and have a super soft mesh upper. You will turn to this comfortable style even off the treadmill.

We hope this list will motivate you to take a break from your beloved Peloton and include classic treadmill training in your 2022 fitness program.

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