The Best of Swedish Design: Introducing Myrqvist by Thomas Sandell


Since its inception in 2016, Swedish shoe brand Myrqvist has made a name for itself as the benchmark for beautifully handcrafted shoes that are affordable without compromising on quality. Drawing inspiration from the hallmark Swedish design principles of minimalism and functionality, their shoes are classic and made to last. That’s why a collaboration with one of Sweden’s most renowned architects and designers, Thomas Sandell, was a no-brainer for the brand.

Although perhaps best known for his architectural contributions to buildings such as the Stockholm Stock Exchange and Gåshaga Brygga, Sandell is also an established designer, having created furniture and interiors for IKEA, Skultuna, Palmgren’s and Reijmyre. Today, Sandell lends its expertise to Myrqvist, for whom it has created a special collection consisting of three bespoke designs. They are: Ängsö, a single-buckle moccasin with a fringed tongue and grained leather strap; Kungsholmen, a single-buckle boot with a half-rubber sole and negative-cut heel; and Skeppsholmen, a new take on the often more formal single-buckle shoe, which features a sturdy rubber sole, 360° storm welt and gold buckle.

Sandell used buckles rather than laces for an elegant and sophisticated look that would suit both formal and casual settings. Details are clean and colors are classic, emphasizing quality craftsmanship and the premium leather used.

Read our interview with Myrqvist founder Sebastian Öhrn.

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