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Buyer’s guide to Adidas shoes for women

A woman wears white striped adidas shoes outdoors.

Why buy adidas shoes for women?

If you’re an athlete or fairly active, adidas makes quality sports gear designed to give you the control and comfort you need to run longer, harder and with more confidence. But even if you’re not particularly into working out, adidas has positioned itself as a go-to option for activewear that can take you from yoga to a casual brunch with friends. Most importantly, they make quality, durable shoes that are built to last.

What to consider when buying adidas shoes for women?

  • Objective: Adidas shoes fall into two categories: performance and style. Performance focuses on features like cushioning support for running, better traction for agility and durability, as seen with their Cloudfoam collection. Meanwhile, their casual fashion sneakers like the Grand Court, Superstar, and Stan Smith are built for style even though they’re still comfortable.
  • Comfort: In general, adidas shoes are quite comfortable. But depending on how you use their shoes, some styles cater more to this feature. In particular, their athletic and performance shoes are designed for comfort, shock absorption and breathability for exercising or participating in activities for long periods of time without your feet being a distraction and of discomfort.
  • Style: Whether you choose performance or fashion shoes at adidas, they are all about style. You’ll usually find that almost every style on offer comes in multiple colorways and sometimes exclusive versions, making it a premium upgrade.
  • Budget: Adidas is not the most expensive shoe brand in the world, but its sneakers are not in the budget category. While they can be affordable, for more fashion-oriented purchases, you might want to consider whether the cost will be justified by how often you’ll be wearing the shoes.

Why is adidas so popular?

There are two reasons why adidas is popular: status and function. There’s no denying that adidas makes quality performance gear that helps athletes stay light on their feet and comfortable with every step. But thanks to celebrities like legendary Hip-Hop Journey Run DMC and former tennis athlete Stan Smith, adidas has gone from a mundane shoe brand to a household name with equally coveted apparel.

Our picks for the best Adidas shoes for women

Best Running Shoes

Advantages: If you’re looking for a shoe that won’t be out of place in casual and intense training environments, the adidas Cloudfoam series is a great place to start. Available in a wide range of colors and designs, these shoes are performance driven with responsive insoles featuring memory foam linings, breathable textile uppers and durable synthetic outsoles. Most importantly, the low-profile design means these shoes won’t be out of place outside the gym.

The inconvenients: If you’re a hardcore athlete, these shoes probably won’t be for you, especially for serious runners. Marathoners and cross-country runners would do well to focus on high-end running shoes. The adidas Cloudfoam collection serves as a bridge between a walking shoe and a low-impact performance solution.

Conclusion : If you’re looking for a versatile sneaker that doesn’t look like a traditional sneaker and will also look great when running errands around town, this is a solid choice, thanks to a wide selection of colors.

Best Tennis Shoes

Advantages: For those who prefer the vintage variety of adidas shoes, the Grand Court is a solid choice that evokes the 70s and 80s. This is a casual tennis shoe designed for fashion and casual exercise. Because this is a classic style, you’ll find a wide selection of styles featuring the classic three stripe design with a matching rear heel color patch. This pick has a leather upper and a durable rubber outsole.

The inconvenients: If you’re not a fan of white sneakers, the Grand Court will be a tough sell. While there are a few black and gray options available, for the most part you’ll find this is a white shoe with color accents for the stripes and heel.

Conclusion : Classic style purists will love this iconic adidas shoe with an understated design that works with pants, shorts, skirts or dresses.

Traditional design

Advantages: If you hear the word adidas and the classic Run DMC track “My Adidas” comes to mind, the Superstar Sneaker should be on your shortlist. This iconic full-grain leather shoe features the unforgettable flap toe design and mimics the three-stripe and heel design found on adidas’ Grand Court and other styles.

The inconvenients: Similar to other iconic vintage fashion sneaker styles from adidas, this is another choice that’s heavy on white leather with pops of color dotted throughout. If a stain ruins your day, you’ll want to avoid it.

Conclusion : For those who love the idea of ​​vintage as well as modern, the adidas Superstar clamshell sneaker will reign supreme.

Best High Top Shoes

Advantages: Performance and style can go hand in hand with the Postmove basketball shoe from adidas. Although it is not a high top shoe, the integrated ankle provides better support and stability as you move up and down the court. Meanwhile, you can choose from four classic color combinations.

The inconvenients: Unlike some other adidas styles, this one is limited in color choices. You’re limited to four styles, all of which are mostly white.

Conclusion : Classic adidas three stripes combine with a functional shoe design to ensure your mind is focused on your game.

Best Platform Sneakers

Advantages: For those upset that they missed out on the late 90s and early 90s when platform shoes of the sneaker variety had a moment, you can channel the early 2000s with the Nizza, a platform sneaker from adidas. This style combines the classic three-stripe design with an integrated sole that measures an inch in height. You’ll like the platform to be even for better control.

The inconvenients: While cute, these shoes aren’t exactly timeless. It’s not for those looking for a pair of shoes with serious mileage.

Conclusion : Fashionistas with a passion for trend hunting will love that what’s old is new with the return of platform sneakers.

Final Thoughts

Adidas is a brand that lives on, and for good reason: quality and durability. By continuing to focus on their classic styles and creating performance sneakers that work in a variety of situations, the brand has truly created shoes that can appeal to a wide range of buyers.

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