The best 3D design software for fashion designers


Drawing is fun, but ask a designer who spends day and night dreaming up a new creation! You have to cover the details, fill in the patches, create variations of patterns and illustrate a design to transform into ready-to-wear. Design isn’t just about drawing sketches and filling in with colors, it has to do a whole lot more before it materializes into the 3D ensemble you love to have in your wardrobe. Since technologies are shaping the way people shop, through augmented realities and social media apps, fashion has also adapted to the changes in order to conquer the top rank.

3D design software for fashion designers has been the best gift of technology and thanks to the many design software that has opened up new paths. Designers use 3D modeling software to create the clothing and accessories they want to produce or prototype. Intricate clothing designs seen on fashion shows use additive manufacturing through 3D printing software. 3D technology helps to experiment with new methods and materials, and also helps in the production of garments with complex geometries.

3D design software for fashion designers

CLO 3D is an easy-to-use design software with an intuitive interface and lots of video tutorials. You can get renderings from 2D patterns and also do all the iterations you want. Added parts are textured and colored automatically.

Another amazing 3D design software is Tuka3D which allows you to scan your fit model and fit it with the various measurement options available. Allowing virtual prototyping, this software makes it possible to carry out numerous tests for the same product.

If you want a faster pace at work, Browzwear will help you. It doesn’t just create creative designs for your clients; but also offers different modules such as:

  • VStitcher – which is a 3D virtual prototyping solution and converts 2D models into stunning 3D models and prototypes.
  • Lotta – which is a 3D fashion design solution that helps create garments with complete freedom of viewing your products in any trim or color.

If you are looking for an all-in-one design software, then C-Design Fashion is here to simplify your clothing production lifecycle and help you create, edit, organize and share all your fashion ideas.

Autodesk has developed cloud-based design software, Fusion 360, which allows different users to communicate and work faster. Its advanced software tools allow for solid modeling, mesh modeling and parametric modeling.

Another Autodesk software enhanced with advanced tools is Maya, which is great for character design and effectively creates character and clothing movements. Offering stunning renderings and versatile tools, it is an excellent software for professionals.

Get awesome renders with ZBrush which is an awesome modeling tool to work on painting and texturing.

To create accurate models for your prototypes or final products, Rhino is a truly efficient 3D modeling software that helps create impressive designs using advanced graphics algorithms.

Rhinogold is useful for creating jewelry with 3D modeling.

Designers in the footwear industry create leather goods using Roman CAD which efficiently creates prototypes and allows them to make any changes they need to their products with great precision. This efficient cloud-based program speeds up work and improves communication between designers and manufacturers.

Allowing designers to create virtual 3D garments through realistic renderings, MarvelousDesigner is software that offers superb detail. Any outfit can be created, from basic shirts to intricate and intricate outfits or costumes. Its compatibility with other 3D software makes it easy to edit your 3D model and import or export 3D models from software such as 3DS Max, Maya or ZBrush; thus, improving its design process.

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