The 9 best sports shoes of 2022 to help you with your next workout



You’ll probably see at least one person at the gym wearing this workout shoe, and it’s not hard to see why. The trainer steals elements from the brand’s popular running shoes and makes them optimal for cross-training. For example, the TechLoom Tracer’s breathable knit upper has zero stretch, ensuring your foot stays centered on the sockliner for maximum stability.

Other components of the low-profile kicks include a sculpted heel that allows full range of lateral movement, layers of rubber cushioning in high-traction areas for durability, and a new lacing system that limits slack during trainings.

Despite keeping your foot locked down, getting these sneakers on and off is a breeze thanks to the bonding and stretchy lycra tongue. There’s also just enough cushioning from the Propelium™ midsole to make them comfortable (and it lasts longer than the conventional EVA plastic that’s typically used).

Popular among women with narrow feet, the shoe garners praise from gym goers. One reviewer said, “These shoes have been my favorite for weightlifting for years. I have a very narrow foot, and the knitted material feels like it conforms to my anatomy – and the sole feels solid and flat. Another adds: “It’s such a stylish shoe that’s perfect for multi-sport workouts like CrossFit, lifting and short runs.”

However, some buyers find these shoes undesirable for squat exercises due to the greater heel-to-toe drop (8mm). If you try them and they don’t work, APL has a free returns policy.

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