The 15 best fall shoes for women, according to a shopping editor


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The thought of changing my wardrobe from summer to fall gives me chills in the worst possible way. But the idea of ​​changing my shoe alignment complete? Chills all over my body, in the best and truest sense of the word Shoes keep me on the ground, literally, and although I’m a picky shopper and rarely buy things for myself, I always will. splurge on shoes. Plus, I sort of became the shoe expert among my friends and family, with everyone always asking me for shoe advice.

With fall here and the shoe change in full swing (RIP flip flops), I meticulously organized my fall shoe line. For a self-proclaimed shoe addict, this is no small feat. Why? Because there are so many great shoes making their way into my heart right now, including chunky Kourtney Kardashian style combat boots, comfy Cariuma sneakers courtesy of Helen Mirren and some unusual Chuck Taylors because i will always be a Converse stan. Some people say that a haircut makes them feel like a new person; for me it’s shoes, like those ankle boots that I recently added to my collection. They are daring! They are perfect for fall! They add a touch of the moment to every look.

Basically, there’s a kind of inexplicable magic that takes hold of me when I put on a new pair. And when I get the chance to buy new shoes, I take it. Here are the shoes and boots that have captured my heart this season. Buy one; buy everything. Your feet will thank you for it (your wallet may not).

  • Arizona Birkenstock Genuine Sheepskin Lined Slide Sandal, $ 150
  • Sorel Tivoli IV waterproof winter boot, $ 130
  • Cariuma Oca Low Camel Suede, $ 98
  • Koio Verona Shell Boot, $ 348
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Spiked Boot, $ 70
  • Hunter Short Waterproof Rain Boot, $ 150
  • P448 Jackson Shaka, $ 365
  • Nothing new Nova basketball, $ 148
  • M.Gemi La Georgina, $ 428
  • Jeffrey Campbell Tanked Chelsea Boot, $ 180
  • Larroude Kate boot, $ 450
  • Alohas Block Boot, $ 186 (originally $ 310)
  • Allbirds Trail Runners, $ 138
  • Timberland Euro Swift Hiking Boot, $ 110
  • Thursday Heartbreaker Boot, $ 195

Arizona Birkenstock Genuine Sheepskin Lined Zip Sandal

Fall Shoes Editor Approved

If you don’t own a pair of Birkenstocks yet, you are sorely lacking in the simple convenience of indoor-outdoor footwear. And if you are thinking to yourself, “Birkenstocks are not for winter, however,” let me introduce you to this sheepskin lined pair that is super comfy and warm. I always have cold feet no matter what time of year, so I will be wearing them now and until next summer.

Sorel Tivoli IV waterproof winter boot

Fall Shoes Editor Approved

I have read many articles warning of a harsh winter in New York this year. Being from Minnesota, I know harsh winters, and one thing I’ll never leave home without when the temperature drops and the snow rises? Really warm and really durable boots, like those from Sorel. There’s nothing worse than cold, wet feet, but they’re made with durable, water-resistant suede, and they have a faux sheepskin lining for extra insulation. Cold feet? I do not know them.

Cariuma Oca Low Camel Suede

Fall Shoes Editor Approved

I am a Cariuma stan – in fact my whole family is. Whenever I feel like freshening up my shoes, a new pair of Cariumas is always at the top of the list. I’m obsessed with everything camel this season, which is why these camel suede OCA Low are going to wear out a lot. I plan to wear them with all camel sweaters for a perfectly coordinated look.

Koio Verona Shell Boot

Fall Shoes Editor Approved

This fall I was drawn to a really good super chunky sole, which is why these white boots from Italian shoe brand Koio are on my list. Note: A chunky sole not only makes every outfit 10 times cooler, but it is also (usually) 10 times more durable. And in this case, the rubber sole has enough traction to get you through snow, ice and sleet safely and in style.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Studded Boot

Fall Shoes Editor Approved

I’ve been eyeing these Converse for months now, and think I’m finally ready to make them mine. They still have that tried and true classic Converse look, with a chunky sole that makes them slightly more suitable for fall and winter. Plus, they’re a reasonable $ 70, and given how much I’ve worn my classic Chuck Taylors, I think the price is well worth it.

Hunter Short Waterproof Rain Boot

Fall Shoes Editor Approved

Meghan Markle loves her Hunter boots; I love my Hunter boots. Everyone – and I mean, everyone – should invest in at least one pair of rain boots, as there will be plenty of times when they come in handy. Rain! Snow! Melted snow! Whatever the weather outside, your feet will remain undisturbed. The sole has good grip, while the buckle adds an eye-catching (elegant) touch.

P448 Jackson Shaka

Fall Shoes Editor Approved

If you don’t know P448 yet, memorize the name: it’s the next Italian sneaker brand that will explode. The list of celebrity fans is growing fast, with big names like Ben Affleck and Chelsea Handler aboard train P448 – maybe J.Lo will be next? Before that moment arrives (which means sneakers will be in so much demand that it will be difficult to grab a pair), heed my advice and take a look. Whether you like high, low, or anything lined with sheepskin, there is a P448 sneaker for you.

Nothing new Nova Sneaker

Fall Shoes Editor Approved

If you know me, I’m a fan of white sneakers. Correction: I’m a fan of cute and durable white sneakers, which is exactly what these Nothing New Nova kicks are. They are made from recycled Italian leather (which means no new leather has been made) and the laces are made from recycled polyester. In addition to being gentle on the earth, they are also gentle on the eyes. I’m obsessed with the sleek upper, and this platform sole is simply * the chef’s kiss *.

Mr Gemi La Georgina

Fall Shoes Editor Approved

I love Italian shoes – hey, the quality is just top notch – and anything and everything from Mr Gemi. Why? Because the brand has managed to create the most drool-worthy shoes that are, in fact, this comfortable. I tried on these black heels and was shocked that I could wear them for 8 hours a day; now I’m looking at these boots which have a similar structured heel but in a more weather-friendly silhouette.

Jeffrey Campbell – Chelsea Boot with Tank Top

Fall Shoes Editor Approved

I’m always on the hunt for a simple yet cool Chelsea boot, and this Jeffrey Campbell style hits the nail on the head. It has that classic silhouette, but with a bold touch thanks to that studded sole that seems to be able to withstand anything. I wear them with everything from dresses to skirts to leggings.

Larroude Kate ankle boot

Fall Shoes Editor Approved

Larroude is the brand to know – at least Dr. Jill Biden thinks so. She carried the brand’s famous bags around a few times (which, of course, sold out shortly after the sighting), but the shoes shouldn’t be missed either. In fact, Gwyneth Paltrow was just wearing Larroude boots. I’m obsessed with these great whites: they pair perfectly with pleated skirts, culottes and jeans.

Alohas Block Boot

Fall Shoes Editor Approved

I’ve done some poetry about Alohas before, but I have to do it again. Durable shoes, made to order in Spain, have a quality that makes them irresistible. Take a look at these boots and you’ll see what I mean. They are classic, but also very trendy with a croco leather effect and a square toe. Bonus: they’re on sale now!

Allbirds Trail Runners

Fall Shoes Editor Approved

I love all of Allbirds’ sneakers and am a huge fan of the brand’s latest style. The Trail Runner, a combo of hiking shoes and sneakers that is more than comfortable, and also has a stylish and comfortable sole.

Timberland Euro Swift Hiking Boots

Fall Shoes Editor Approved

I actually love hiking, but even when I’m off the trails I’m going to look for a hiking shoe like this one from Timberland because I know no matter what I come across on my walk around town – puddles or piles of leaves – I have the right shoes to go through it all. These Timberlands also have a steel shank for arch support and a super light inner cushion.

Thursday Heartbreaker Boots

Fall Shoes Editor Approved

If there’s ever been a shoe that could break my heart, it’s these Heartbreaker boots from Thursday Boots. The name seems appropriate to me, because if the brand stopped doing this style my heart would break into a thousand pieces and I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. I own two pairs and knew it was the perfect boot the second I put them on. Comfortable? To verify. Cute? Damn, yes. A compliment magnet? Oh yes. If you’re going to splurge on a shoe, I suggest doing it on the Heartbreaker boot.

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