The 10 best winter running shoes in 2022 – best running shoes for winter


Hoka One + Brooks Ghost

Running outside in the winter presents some unique challenges: the cold air makes it difficult to breathe, the wind leaves your skin cracked and dry, and the need for diapers can slow you down, but you can at least press with supported, warm feet. when you have the right winter running shoes.

That’s right, the kicks you run in when there’s snow on the ground shouldn’t be your summer sneakers, too. And while it’s easy to lump all athletic shoes into one category, some are better suited to inclement weather than others.

How to buy winter running shoes

Mark Mendeszoon, DPM, an Ohio-based footwear and sports medicine expert, says that a good winter running shoe should exhibit three crucial attributes:

️ Traction: A heavy rubber outsole will help you get through slush and snow, and keep you from getting wiped down on slippery sidewalks.

Insulation: Materials like wool and Thinsulate lining lock in body heat, keeping your feet warm and nimble.

Water resistance: No sneaker is 100% waterproof, but you can look for moisture-wicking materials like nylon and latex that will repel slush and ice.

A few more tips from Mendeszoon winter runners: For extra warmth and dryness, get some woolen socks. “Wool manages moisture the best and is naturally antimicrobial,” he says. Finally, make sure the shoes you choose fit you well. “The most important thing is to make sure that your feet are correctly measured not only in length, but in width,” he insists. He suggests stopping at a shoe store to have a pro cut. After all, if the adjustment is off, so will your runs.

Here are a few pairs that are suitable for podiatrists and some bestsellers to complete your cold weather running collection.

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Best overall

Peregrine ICE + 2.0


$ 149.95

Dr Mendeszoon says these are not only water resistant, but have “the best ice traction available in the running shoe category. They also have special cushioning which is soft, yet elastic and responsive, perfect for keeping up with the beat.


Best water resistant

Ghost 14 GTX


$ 159.95

Another choice from Mendeszoon, this pair is ideal for water resistant Gore-tex lining that will keep your feet dry and warm. They also have great traction and a well-cushioned sockliner that will keep your runs consistent and distraction-free.


Better traction

Speedgoat 4 Trail Running Shoes

Hoka one one

$ 144.99

Mendeszoon says these have great traction for mud, snow, slush and ice all thanks to the zonal placement of rubber on the outsole. Their lacing eyelets also contain a small winged component to ensure a secure fit.


Rave reviews

Speedcross 5


$ 129.95

A welded, seamless upper construction provides a soft, secure fit and feel in this shoe. Plus, a Gore-tex lining keeps the elements out and warmth in, and the large, separate studs provide ultimate traction on the trails. “This is my third pair of these shoes,” wrote one reviewer. “Great fit, traction and comfort. “


Ideal for night races

Gel-Kayano 28 AWL Running Shoes

A water resistant seal on these sneakers will keep your feet dry, while reflective elements will make you visible to other runners and drivers even in the darkest and snowiest conditions.


Best secure fit

Pegasus Trail 2


$ 159.95

These elegant sneakers feature a stretch collar that keeps slush and debris out around the ankle, and the lugs in the sole are tire-inspired, giving them weather-resistant traction while remaining lightweight. Finally, a Gore-tex lining keeps moisture out for good.


Ideal for trail running


The north face

$ 249.95

Multiple layers of protection and a secure fit that wraps around the ankle make this an ideal winter running shoe. the big pods give them a boost for trail running, and VECTIV technology in the midsole maximizes energy transfer, always propelling you forward.


The most breathable

Solitary Woodpecker 5


$ 130.00

If your feet stay sweaty regardless of the season, you’ll love these breathable trail running shoes that feature a rear loop for attaching an optional anti-debris gaiter. Plus, laser cut drainage holes provide gentle circulation and keep you from getting waterlogged in wet conditions.


Ideal for snow

Wild horse 7


$ 64.98

Dig in compact snowbanks with the awe-inspiring Wildhorse lugged outsole that extends to the back of the heel.Paired with woolen socks, they will be your must-have in winter, but are also great for maintaining traction on hiking trails in summer.


Best light weight

Challenger ATR 6

Hoka one one

$ 129.99

Lots of thick-studded running shoes tend to weigh you down, which is how the Challenger ATR sets itself apart. This features grippy four-millimeter pods but remains lightweight, reducing your running times and fatigue to a minimum. In addition, the cushioning of the midsole provides excellent support and absorbs impacts perfectly.

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