The 10 Best Nike Cycling Shoes Money Can Buy


Nike, Inc. is an American multinational specializing in the production and sale of sports clothing, footwear, equipment and accessories. Based in the Beaverton district of Portland, Oregon, Nike has become the largest supplier of athletic footwear and apparel. In footwear, the infamous Swoosh logo can be seen on shoes specific to sports such as baseball, basketball, cycling, golf, running, and tennis. With what seems like a solid understanding of what athletes need, Nike makes sure they have all the necessary sports equipment to ensure that all of those needs are covered from head to toe. Nike has come a long way since January 25, 1964, when the company was founded as Blue Ribbon Sports. Founders Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight later changed the name to Nike, Inc. on May 30, 1971. According to Greek mythology, Nike was the goddess of victory. With the specific focus here on Nike’s range of cycling shoes, there are ten that come to mind that seem like the best money can buy, at least for now.

Nike Air Cross Terrain II 1990 Cycling Shoes

10. 1990 Nike Air Cross Terrain II Cycling Shoes

In 1990, Nike introduced the Air Cross Terrain II shoes which featured an all-rubber bottom, external heel counter, hook/loop tongue and molded forefoot. It was the time when sports equipment companies like Nike catered more to the needs of cyclists, especially when it came to footwear. The multiple colors featured in this retro shoe design make it eye-catching enough that Nike sees it as a good candidate to bring them back as the retro trend gains momentum among consumers around the world. At the moment, such a pair can only be purchased from sites like Doctor Funks and eBay, but that is likely to change in the near future as Nike looks to add to its reintroduction of cycling shoes to its footwear lineup.

Nike NGUBA Original 1993 ACG Cycling Shoes

9. Nike NGUBA Original 1993 ACG Cycling Shoes

In 1993, Nike introduced the NGUBA series as a cycling shoe which has since earned its reputation as one of the best cycling shoes featuring the Swoosh logo. On auction sites like eBay, NGUBA has shown that even after thirty years of wear, the overall condition of these cycling shoes can easily rival the brand new line of cycling shoes coming out today. It is assumed that as Nike returns to offering cycling shoes to the everyday consumer, the NGUBA will make a comeback, along with today’s technological advancements to make it an even better shoe than it is. was when it came out.

Nike CC-X 1987 Original Clip Cycling Shoes

8. Original 1987 Nike CC-X Cycling Shoes

In 1987, Nike introduced the CC-X Clip-in cycling shoes which featured a molded foam foot shell in the forefoot. In pre-owned shape, even after thirty years of wear, Doctor Funk’s shoe listing has it at $75.00 USD. Although second-hand shoes might seem a bit pricey, if Nike fully commits to expanding its current line of new cycling shoes, it’s the likeliest candidate of retro-styled shoes that will make a comeback.

Nike Cycling 1993 Pooh-Bah

7. Nike Cycling 1993 Pooh-Bah

Currently, only pre-owned versions of the 1993 Nike Pooh-Bah series of cycling shoes are available, but there’s speculation they could make an appearance as part of the latest wave of retro-style footwear from the company that hit the mainstream market. Now that Nike seems to be producing cycling shoes for a wider audience rather than strictly the big pros, there’s hope that the Pooh-Bah will make a modernized comeback. One of the highlights of the Pooh-Bah is the multicolored crossover straps and the vivid mix of colors that make it a standout pair of shoes.

Nike 1988 CC Adjustable Clip Cycling Shoes

6. Nike Cycling 1988 CC Adjustable Clip-on Shoes

In 1988, Nike sported a line of cycling shoes that featured adjustable clips. At the moment these are only available as a pre-owned product, but there is speculation and hope now that Nike is back in business with producing indoor cycling shoes. ‘there may be some retro styles making their way to the public. Currently only sites like Doctor Funks and eBay have them and are in working order, but be on the lookout as Nike has started making cycling shoes available to the public again. One thing Nike excels at is listening to public demand and if there is enough demand for that particular shoe to make a comeback, it will happen.

Adam Blythe Nike Cycling Shoes

5. Adam Blythe Nike Cycling Shoes

Both before and since his retirement, professional road and track cyclist Adam Blythe received custom cycling shoes from Nike that have since become a topic of interest on Pinterest. Among fans of world-class cycling events, as well as Adam Blythe, remember him for his wild shoe styles, most of which came from Nike by special request. Cycling fans who understand the importance of wearing proper shoes for the sport were somewhat miffed that Nike made these beauties for pros like Blythe, but not for the rest of cycling enthusiasts. Now that Nike has officially launched its first line of cycling shoes to the public, we hope the styles designed for Adam Blythe will be available soon. There’s enough demand for it, and Nike isn’t one to disappoint.

Nike SUPERREP Women's Cycle (CJ0775)

3. Nike SUPERREP Women’s Cycle (CJ0775)

Specialized for women, the Nike SUPERREP Cycle CJ0775 has been a popular choice as indoor cycling shoes and has received a decent amount of favorable reviews, at least on various seller sites such as Amazon, eBay and Nike. Ranging from $80.00 USD to $120.00 USD, ladies have six different colors to choose from, which are White/Black, Gypsy Pink/Metallic Mahogany/Dark Beetroot/Light Soft Pink, White/Black/Chutney/Volt , cyber /Bright Mango/Blackened Blue, Black/Hyper Crimson/Metallic Silver and Green Glow/Infinite Lilac/Laser.

Nike SUPERREP Men's Cycle (CW2191)

2. Nike SUPERREP Cycle for Men (CW2191)

Specialized for men, the Nike SUPERREP Cycle CW2191 has mostly received favorable ratings among cyclists who have purchased and worn this brand and model of cycling shoes, at least according to Nike’s own website, as well as Amazon. There are five different colors to choose from, namely Blue Void/Copa/Total Orange, White/White/Black, Black/Hyper Crimson/Metallic Silver, Black/Clear Emerald/Total Orange/White and Cyber/Bright Mango/Blackened Blue . On average, depending entirely on the colorway chosen, the price range for these shoes starts at approximately $80.00 a pair, all the way up to $120.00.

NIKE Mercurial Superfly 360 (R9) cycling shoes

1. NIKE Mercurial Superfly 360 (R9) Cycling Shoes

Aaccording to Footy Headlines, in 2018, Nike created a special design of cycling shoes for world-renowned cyclist, Mark Cavendish. Cavendish was inspired by the 1998 Ronaldo R9 football boots designed by Nike for the 1998 FIFA World Cup held in France. The first Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 cycling shoes feature an all-Flyknit construction designed for pure speed in cycling. The cleats come with a cycling sole and a special binding construction.

The shoe must fit

Having the right shoe for the right occasion is essential. When it comes to cycling, cyclists need to find shoes that cover the forefoot because the majority of the pressure is there. The foot itself does not generate the real power because the legs do. However, if the feet are not properly dressed for the occasion, its discomfort can accelerate the fatigue of the legs, as well as the rest of the body. According to physiotherapists and bike fitters, if the wrong shoe is worn, it can cause rubbing around the little toe, which then results in a painful experience that can also lead to numbness. Cyclists don’t exert the same amount of effort on the feet and ankles as power runners, but they should have their feet properly fitted with the right shoe to reduce unnecessary movement. When the feet are too busy moving or pronating, a lot of energy can be lost and accelerate rider fatigue. Cycling shoes should have a specific cleat style, as well as an ideal mounting system and sole. Wearing cycling socks to match these shoes also helps.

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