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Since then, Magallon has done more research, finding affordable, quality manufacturers to produce their products. He used the money he earned from working with his uncle to fund his first set of merchandise, to the tune of around $1,200.

Magallon sells its pins and hat clips — also called “blips” for the way they’re worn on the brim of a cap — for anywhere between $5 and $15.

The company is still relatively new, only about six months old. Still, Magallon has grown in a short time, with several different designs and over 1,000 Instagram followers. Some of his designs can even be seen worn around Warren by other students, staff, and even some teachers.

“It’s cool to see other people wearing them,” Magallon said.

Magallon accepts design requests and orders, although most of her pins are of her own creation.

“Sometimes they come to mind and I’m like, ‘That would look good on a hat,'” Magallon said. “I think about it like, basically, trying to represent myself in a business…I’m just trying to make it what people would like.”

Quiero Pins may not be the ultimate solution for Magallon. He still hasn’t quite figured out what he wants to do after college, and whether that will include commercial or graphic design. He even launches his own clothing brand.

For now, Magallon is content to see where Quiero Pins takes him.

“I would say [this is] a side hustle, unless it gets big,” Magallon said. “I know there are a lot of people out there, they have their own stuff, and they sell out as soon as they come out. If it gets to this point, I’ll just use it as a way to make money. If it’s not going so well, I want to move on to clothes. I already have a clothing brand opening. We’ll just see which one does better, and if it’s too much to handle both, I’ll just have to drop the one that’s not doing well.

Quiero Pins can be found on Instagram at @quieropinss, or at quieropinss.myshopify.com.

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