TAG Heuer Delivers New Watch, Now With Nintendo’s “Mario Kart” Design Selling For $25,000


TAG Heuer and Nintendo are preparing a new collaboration with the latest commemorative watch from the famous Swiss luxury watchmaker, now centered around a new game in the “Mario” series. The new watch will be inspired by Nintendo’s hit racing game “Mario Kart”, with the wearable featuring the chronograph designs for two versions.

It focuses on TAG’s Formula 1 series, one of the watches debuting at a high price of $25,000 for the limited edition watch.

TAG Heuer and Nintendo deliver watches inspired by “Mario Kart”

(Photo: TAG Heuer via Twitter)

TAG Heuer has officially announced a new collaboration with Nintendo, centered around new designs for its Formula 1 watch series which brings “Mario Kart” designs to the world. The company has been tease him for a A few days now via their Twitter account, showing the Formula 1 series with “Mario Kart” logos and icons as seen in-game.

The company said it has integrated several icons into the luxury watches in its collection, with Red Shell, Spiky Shell and Starman available on its date display.

Mario is also seen riding his go-kart on both watches, one featuring Mario, the Blue Shell, and Bullet Bill on one of the wearable’s chronographs.

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TAG Heuer x Nintendo: price and availability

Prepare yourself before heading to the starting line of its sale, as TAG Heuer and Nintendo will make the watches available by October 17.

There are two series of Formula 1 watches available, including a chronograph-centric one priced at $4,300, a price fitting for this type of luxury watch.

However, there is a more expensive one for the Tourbillon Chronograph which debuts at the hefty price tag of $25,600.

The cheapest watch will be available by next week, but the most expensive will be available once TAG’s email notifications notify users of its availability.

Nintendo merchandising collaborations

Die-hard fans and supporters get merchandise from their favorite franchises or pop culture depictions from the companies themselves, but some collaborations are also a must-have for them. TAG and Nintendo have worked on a watch before, and it’s commemorating Super Mario’s 30th anniversary with the limited-edition piece.

In 2020, Nintendo also announced a collaboration with PUMA for its series of shoes inspired by Mario which also joins the commemoration of the famous plumber who helped shape the video game industry.

Nintendo went big for their beloved Super Mario franchise which gave the world plenty of commemorative items to buy to complement their fandom and admiration for the game.

Super Mario has helped the gaming industry in many ways, with its famous version of a platformer, which has now evolved into better offerings.

TAG Heuer and Nintendo are back for the second and third time, with this latest upcoming release launching two “Mario Kart”-centric watches. These two chronograph watches offer expressions of luxury and pop culture in one, centered around TAG’s Formula 1 series, incorporating the famous plumber’s designs.

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