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NOAH’s low-key adidas collabs are a satisfying balm for the churning and burning of so many other streetwear teams. Trendy sneakers there and instantly exhausted drops there: isn’t it all so exhausting?

NOAH’s partnership with adidas, on the other hand, focuses on lesser-known and relatively low-key shoe designs that aren’t nearly as flashy as the stuff remixed by most other adidas collaborators.

For example, in 2021 NOAH redeveloped the Probound basketball shoe and it took the old school SL72 the year before.

Launching on NOAH’s website on June 23rd, the latest set of NOAH x adidas merchandise appears to include a bespoke tracksuit and collaborative Superstar(?) sneakers, if the teaser images are to be believed.

If NOAH’s latest adidas shoe is truly a Superstar, it will denote the rare time NOAH has worked on a shoe of relative fame.

As mentioned earlier, his previous adidas ties have rarely delivered anything more famous than the Gazelle and the Superstar, a perennial adidas bestseller, is a big step up.

With all the big adidas collabs these days – adiGucci, Balenciagadidas – NOAH’s quieter approach is a refreshing contrast.

NOAH’s new take on the tracksuit looks to have a similar feel to the adidas x Gucci collection, although it will obviously be a lot more affordable price-wise.

This all follows the strong string of collaborations that have peppered NOAH’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection, including collaborations with Jimi Hendrix, Popeye and Vans.

If NOAH was humbly transforming the inimitable adidas Superstar this round, that’s a big enough swing to end the season.

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