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A sportswear store in the Sunset District of San Francisco was robbed for the third time this year. Friday’s latest incident occurred barely a month after city officials handed the business owner a check to help pay for damage from previous burglaries.

Michael Hsu, owner of the Footprint store at the corner of Taraval Street and 27th Avenue, told SFBay on Monday that he was still working to determine exactly what was stolen in Friday’s burglary.

He said the suspect fled with thousands of dollars in merchandise, including backpacks, shoes and jackets. The person also stole money from a cash register. Hsu filed a police report and handed over surveillance footage to the police.

Based on the surveillance footage, Hsu said the burglar climbed a scaffolding that surrounded the outside of the store and entered a window leading to Hsu’s office, then entered the store. The scaffolding was installed outside the store to allow painting.

In February, a suspect stole goods after using a blowtorch to force open the store’s front door. No suspects have been arrested, but some of the stolen items have been recovered, Hsu said. On the same day, a looter also entered the store and stole additional merchandise.

The February incident prompted Hsu to contact District 4 supervisor Gordon Mar, who represents the Sunset. During this conversation, Hsu urged Mar to set up a fund to help business owners pay for the damage caused by the burglaries.

London Mayor Breed, Mar and other city officials held a press conference last month at Footprint to announce the Storefront vandalism relief grant. Under the program, business owners can apply for up to $ 2,000 in grant funds to help pay for broken windows or security upgrades.

Jerold Chinn / SFBay San Francisco Mayor London Breed looks at a pair of shoes with Michael Hsu, owner of Footprint store in San Francisco, Calif., On Wednesday, September 15, 2021 (Photo: Jerold Chinn / SFBay)

Hsu received a check for $ 2,000, which he told SFBay he used to upgrade his security cameras and alarm system.

In an interview with SFBay after the latest incident, he said:

“I laugh every time I talk about it because it’s so funny that it happens over and over again. You are shocked, but not surprised.

Hsu added:

“It’s a recurring theme. Not just for me, but for so many business owners in San Francisco who are already struggling with the pandemic. “

Police have yet to return a request for information. Hsu posted video footage and photos of the suspect to Footprint Instagram account.

Despite the latest burglary, Hsu maintains a positive attitude. He said:

“We will always be optimistic and will continue to do whatever we can and what we can control. That’s all I can say.”

Business owners can find out more about the Storefront Vandalism Relief Grant program at the city’s Office of Economic Development and Workforce website.

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