Store owner in northern Thailand donates school uniforms to needy families


As Thailand plans to reopen schools on May 17, a shop owner in Nakhon Sawan province in northern Thailand is donating old school uniforms to families who don’t have the money to buy theirs. The store owner said it was the second year the donation distribution was held.

He said last year there was a similar event, where parents came to donate old school uniforms to children in need. The store owner said the store is now accepting donations for old uniforms.

The news comes as Thailand’s Department of Internal Trade is working with retailers to offer 10-69% discounts on school uniforms. The seven branches of Suksapanpanit stores, which are under state supervision, will reduce the price of uniforms by 50% and textbooks by 20-40%.

Other retailers participating in the discount include Samothong Garment, Nomjitt Manufacturing, TOPSON 1994, Somjainuk Teves, Bangkok Atlanticand the marketing of Nanyang.

Meanwhile, other stores will offer discounts on school supplies and clothing, including pens, notebooks, laptop tables, colored pencils, highlighters, scout and cross uniforms. -Red Thai and shoes. Stores offering discounts on these items are Lotus, Big C, Tang Hua Seng, Officemate and central group stores.

In some cases, Thais who cannot afford school uniforms have decided to steal them. In 2020, a woman was arrested for shoplifting school uniforms for her children in southern Thailand. The woman said she was struggling financially due to the Covid-19 pandemic and had no choice but to shoplift as she was unable to afford the cost uniforms. The 26-year-old woman was with her 8-year-old daughter in a shopping mall in Chumphon when security guards noticed she was shoplifting skirts, shorts and shoes. She was held in a back room of the store while police were called.

THE SOURCE: Nation Thailand | NST

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