“Stephen Curry’s shoes were banned by the NBA because of Nike”: How the NBA’s deal with Nike banned the Under Armor Steph Curry 4


Stephen Curry is a guy who stays out of controversy most of the time, but even the nicest guys sometimes find themselves in deep water.

Stephen Curry is one of the friendliest guys in the league – he always has a smile on his face and is always happy. His game also makes fans smile because it is so simple yet effective. Some of the things he does impress audiences, and he does them in style.

Speaking of style, one of the best iterations of its sneakers is the Under Armor 4s. They look classy, ​​and it made sense to him too, as he had a recurring ankle injury. One of the 4 most beautiful is the Tuxedo 4, and the second best would be the Chinese New Year PEs. These matched the jerseys Golden State had for the Chinese holiday.

Nike created a beautiful unique jersey in 2018, where the central circular pattern of the Golden Gate Bridge had an additional addition of a Lion, to commemorate the ‘Year of the Lion’. To match this, Curry also had it painted on his shoes. Until 2017, league rules would have allowed them to do so, but after signing a bizarre rule, he was banned from doing it again.

The rule stated that any design approved on the jersey made by Nike could not be replicated on a competing brand, and because Steph rocked UA, he couldn’t have them on his feet.

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Stephen Curry could have avoided the crash if it hadn’t been for a Nike gaffe – but he’s happy now and becoming the face of a brand

One can understand banning a shoe because of performance enhancement, or maybe it’s too distracting. Even if they had a blatant political stance, banning a shoe because it had a print from a different brand is ridiculous.

The NBA is notorious for banning everything under the sun that doesn’t fall within its rules — from Supreme tattoos to shaved head Adidas logos, it’s all gone if they don’t play by the rules.

Too bad though, because Curry’s shoes were honestly good looking. They gave him character, and since they’re banned, PJ Tucker would have a blast if he had them in his collection. Did we just give him an idea? Who knows, he might pull them off if the Heat make it to the Finals this year.

You can see more shoes banned by the NBA in the video above.

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