Stephen Curry Wears Candy-Inspired Shoes on NBA Media Day


One of the most underrated days on the sports calendar is NBA Media Day. Luckily for fans and members of the media, the league has begun to expand the annual tradition over several days.

The defending Golden State Warriors champion gathered in San Francisco yesterday to pose for photo ops and answer questions. Perennial All-Star point guard Stephen Curry took the opportunity to debut a new pair of shoes.

Thanks to the hard work of the photographers, we have clear images of Curry’s 10th signature basketball shoe. Last year, Under Armor launched Curry Brand with the Curry Flow 9 shoes. Below is what we know about the unreleased kicks worn by Curry.

Curry 10 ‘Sour Patch Kids’

Stephen Curry wearing the Curry 10 ‘Sour Patch Kids.’

The 2021-22 NBA season was pivotal for Curry. He broke Ray Allen’s 3-point record, won his 4th NBA championship and his first NBA Finals MVP award. Even better, Under Armor launched Curry Brand alongside the Curry Flow 9.

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Throughout the past year, Curry Brand has collaborated with the children’s cartoon series sesame street for several fun colorways of the Curry Flow 9. Now it looks like Curry Brand is working with candy brand Sour Patch Kids on the Curry 10.

This isn’t Curry’s first time working with the candy company. The Under Armor Curry 7 also had “Sour Patch Kids” colorways.

Currently, there is no official release date for the Curry 10. However, the highly anticipated basketball shoes are expected to release in Fall 2022. As always, fans can expect several creative colorways of the model are hitting shelves within the next year. Stay locked in FanNation Kicks for all the news about your shoes.

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