Stephen Curry signs game-worn shoes for fans after Warriors game



There’s no star in the NBA bigger than Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry. The reigning Finals MVP revolutionized the game and cultivated a loyal following of fans.

Thursday night, Curry led the Warriors with 33 points, nine assists and seven rebounds in a win over the Miami Heat. After the game, two lucky fans were able to get their hands on a souvenir they will never want to give away.

Curry didn’t become a fan favorite because of all his championships (although that helps), but rather the way he treats his fans. For example, before entering the locker room, Curry unexpectedly stopped and removed his game-worn shoes.

The 8x NBA All-Star signed his Curry Brand kicks and threw them into the crowd at two young fans. Below is what people need to know about the shoes Curry wore during Thursday night’s game.

Curry stream 10

Stephen Curry wearing the Curry Flow 10 in the ‘Sour Patch Kids’ colourway.

Curry’s 10th signature sneaker, the Curry Flow 10, was released on October 21, 2022. The performance basketball shoe retails for $160 in adult sizes and $130 in elementary school sizes. Fans can purchase the collection on the Curry Brand website.

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On Thursday night, Curry wore the ‘Sour Patch Kids’ colourway, which is part of a special collaboration between Curry Brand and the famous candy company. The vivid colorway is yet to be released but should arrive soon.

The first colorways to launch will include Iron Sharpens Iron, Sour Then Sweet, Northern Lights, More Magic, Curry-Fornia, and Treasure Island, with more expected releases in 2023.

Fans interested in learning more about the Curry Flow 10 can read our full breakdown here. Let us know on Twitter which color of the Curry Flow 10 excites you the most. As always, stay tuned to for all of your shoe news.

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