Skip Bayless Hilariously Trolls LeBron James While Wearing His Shoes: “I Can Lose In These Shoes.”


The LeBron James-Michael Jordan GOAT debate is one of the biggest talking points in the NBA world today and it will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. These two titans of the game have cemented themselves in the minds of many as the two greatest players the NBA has ever seen and debates over who exactly is the best can also often get quite heated.

Those who prefer Jordan point to his unblemished record in the NBA Finals to go along with his myriad other accolades, explaining why he’s the greatest, and Skip Bayless definitely falls into that category. Bayless has also been one of LeBron’s biggest critics over the years and has made a name for himself by constantly shooting him, even sometimes out of nowhere.

Skip Bayless trolled LeBron James by wearing his shoes and saying he could lose there

Bayless’ latest snap came when he took to Instagram and posted a photo of himself wearing one of LeBron’s Nike shoes. While at first glance it might surprise you a bit, the caption actually stated that Bayless, who claims to have never lost a debate, would lose if he wore these shoes. He also added once again that Jordan is clearly better than LeBron for good measure.

NBA fans reacted to this one-shot LeBron as they couldn’t believe how far Bayless would go to troll the King.

“I’m a bron fan but I love jumping too crazy jumping lol”

“I can’t win in these shoes. MJ Forever, LBJ Never”

“Bayless Drip”

“security can go from 6 to 10”

“I can’t wait for you and Lebron to become best friends when he retires”

“I like this guy”

“Avoid wearing lebrons…enough to make a grown man cry”

“Go Now Skiiiupp”


“the legend omg. Skip dissing Bron again”

“He said…I can lose in these shoes…lol”

“Skip said I could lose in these shoes 4-6”

“The Ultimate Hater!!!”

“Now This Comedy”

“You’re about to lose the most deff in these shoes”

“You’re gonna lose in these shoes. Mj > LBJ”

“No, he didn’t”

“My boy bought Brons just to hate…come on Skip”

“I’m hysterical ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ biggest hater I know Lmaoooo”

“lol I don’t really like jumping but it was a good 1”

It was a smart move in a way and maybe one of the funniest we’ve seen from Bayless lately. So many athletes these days respond to these talking heads, but LeBron showed remarkable restraint never to respond to Bayless. Before that, he had shot James for his free throw shotbecause he claimed he killed the Lakers last season.

The nitpicking is what Skip often does when it comes to LeBron, as he ignores all the great things he does on the court and focuses on the few negatives that exist. He added on this Instagram post that his show will return on Monday and we expect him to take more ridiculous photos of LeBron when he does.

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