Shop Eva Longoria’s Under Armor Curry Shoes She Wore On Instagram

  • Eva Longoria wore a pair of subtly iridescent white sneakers on Instagram.
  • We found them again: these are the Under Armor Curry Flow 8 basketball shoes.
  • They are still in stock, at least for now. Here’s where to snag a pair while you still can.

    Can we crown Eva Longoria as Instagram’s Sneaker Queen? She always wears a pair of sneakers that are both comfortable and stylish, like the Dashers Allbirds Tree she recently wore her “directing uniform” on set.

    Whether She is working, spend time with the family, strike a pose, Where sweat during exercise, Longoria always seems to have the perfect pair of sneakers waiting for. So naturally, the pair featured in their latest Instagram post caught our attention – and commentators keep asking where the kicks are coming from.

    Reader, we have great news: we have found the exact pair that Longoria is wearing.

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    Curry Flow 8 Elementary School Basketball Shoes

    Under protection

    $ 130.00

    In her article, the 46-year-old actress wears a white button-down shirt, teal and all-white leggings. Under Armor Curry Flow 8 basketball shoes. The sneakers feature chunky soles, minimal branding, iridescent side and back panels, and a sock-like fit for added comfort.

    The ultra-cushioned sneakers emphasize grip (with a unique sole), flexible support (with a foam plate) and easy wearing (with a heel tab and stretch collar). And as a bonus, they look cool too.

    Critics also sing the praises of the shoes: “Best buy ever,” one writes. “Not as heavy as I expected, and they look so bonkers in person.”

    Another selling point is the pair’s unique ankle support, inspired by Stephen Curry’s own foot issues. (The basketball superstar helped design the sneakers.) “My son loves these shoes,” wrote another reviewer. “His ankles hurt and he says when he wears them his ankle doesn’t hurt like other basketball shoes.”

    There are adult unisex versions of the shoe available (we especially love this lavender colourway), but the white option comes straight from the boys’ section – and if there are more gems like this, we’ll go from front and add some to our Cart. Shop for our favorite alternative colors, plus a few slightly cheaper look-alikes, below.

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