Shoes made from recycled coffee grounds and plastic bottles are not only waterproof but super comfortable


Your morning coffee could be used to make a pair of sneakers, a Finnish startup reveals. Rens breathes new life into old coffee, reducing waste in terms of landfill space and methane emissions.

5,000 backers have pledged over $500,000 to see the sneaker come to life, which uses 21 coffee cups and 6 recycled plastic bottles in each pair of shoes.

The Rens are available in 9 different colors, and are waterproof and super comfortable. Plus, the shoes absorb odor and are designed to be put on and taken off easily.

Jesse Tran, the co-founder of Rens, wanted to do something to help reduce people’s “carbon footprint”, while providing a functional and fashion-forward everyday shoe.

“As environmental awareness increases, knowledge of the circular economy also increases. Footwear made from recycled coffee grounds may seem new to some, but we sincerely believe this is just the start of a revolution in apparel technology and manufacturing,” Tran said.

A novelty for some, as 250,000 bottles of water and 750,000 cups of coffee have been made into these shoes so far. Coffee grounds are combined in a low temperature environment with recycled plastic to create a coffee thread to be spun into the upper part of the shoes, while the recycled plastic represents the other components, and a milky tree sap that biodegrade creates the outsole.

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Although the price is quite high at $119 on Amazon, they offer free shipping everywhere, a one-year warranty on their waterproof technology, and a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

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GNN also reported on a shoe made from a durable material that also acts as a fast-growing pod for an apple tree. The shoe’s canvas contains enzymes that attract microorganisms to break down the shoe faster than normal, so even if you don’t plant them in the ground, they will still break down in a landfill where most shoes won’t. will not.

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