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REPORT, a one-of-a-kind footwear experience store in town

Posted on October 28, 2021

REPORT to expand to all major subways in India. It plans to open a point of sale in Guntur in December and will open 3-4 stores in Hyderabad during the next fiscal year.

The international footwear brand Palladium with a 7-decade history is first available in India at Rapport.

Profit shoes forays into a new vertical

With automatic lace-up shoes, shoes that see, shoes that improve the performance of runners, vegan shoes, different shoes for different occasions, shoes made of alternative materials to leather and more will make shoe shopping more complicated. than ever.

REPORT, a one-of-a-kind shoe store in the country has opened in the town of Filmnagar.

Shri Yerrabelli Dayakar Rao, Minister of State for Panchayat Raj and Rural Development, Government of Telangana and Shri Maganti Gopinath, MP for Jubilee Hills inaugurated the store.

It is a great pride for me to open the first experience shoe store in Hyderabad, said Mr. Yerraballi Dayakar Rao. I am glad that this unique shoe store featuring rare international brands has sprung up in my riding of Jubilee Hills, said local MP Maganti Gopinath.

The 6,000 square foot store is equipped with a laundry and leather restoration service; Gait analysis, a tool used to assess how well one walks and runs; Personalized bridal collection; Personalized formal wear; Limited edition sneakers; smart and intelligent shoes; vast, rare and premium, most brands offering the ultimate shoe shopping experience revealed Teja Bodepudi, 31-year-old computer engineer, founder and main innovator of REPORT. The relationship as Teja put it is a dialogue with customers, a positive relationship so that they can get the shoes they want. He is the director of Profit Shoes, a well-known footwear brand from Telugu States that is three decades old.

We have invested with the show and in stock RS 5 crore. We will soon be expanding to Guntur in AP which will debut in December. We will set up 3-4 similar stores in Hyderabad in Gachibowli, Kukatpally and other areas and may invest RS 20 crore in this expansion which will occur by the end of next fiscal year. We will also be making a foray into all major Indian metros in the near future, Teja informed.

The Rapport store expects sales of Rs 5 crore in this fiscal year and is targeting Rs 11 to 12 crore in the next fiscal year.

Aprajitha Toor; Fizzy Goblet, Cai are known as celebrity brands and they are available online for Indian customers till now are now physically available in this store. The Palladium brand is available for the first time in India in Hyderabad at the Rapport Shoe store. The Melissa brand is only available in Delhi and Hyderabad, Teja informed.

Rapport is a new vertical of Profit Shoes Pvt, based in Vijayawada. Ltd.

The brands featured in the store are: Steve Madden; Dune London; Ecco; Clark; Saucony; Adidas; Ascis; Aprajitha Toor; Goblet Fizzy, Cai, H&S; Calvin Klein, Cole Haan, Skechers, Crimzon, Catwalk, Asics, Puma, Nike, Reebok, Inc. 5, ANTA, Charles & Keith; Crocs, Florsheim, Fitflop, Wet Blue and ALDO

Shoe laundry and leather catering is a hot item. Taking care of the shoes is taxing. There is no professional service offered to maintain high end shoes. As a result, people often ignore their problem with shoes. And rather buy a new pair rather than repair the old ones. But now things will change. The new market trend is shoe washing and leather restoration. It also provides cleaning, repairing, coloring, restoring, drying and dyeing. It’s a shoe spa. it is a keeper for your shoes.

Gait analysis is a tool used to assess how well one walks and runs. It is a free service. Free gait analysis is provided as part of a shoe fitting process. The installation includes an analysis station with a conveyor belt, a camera and a laptop computer equipped with sensor software. It evaluates foot patterns and fits into a running shoe. For starters, he captures a short video of about 20 seconds of running the treadmill in a neutral shoe with little to no cushioning. This makes it possible to highlight anomalies in the gait. Using the generated inputs, Rapport staff will be able to analyze the model.

This gives information and understanding for choosing the right type of running shoe and could ultimately help you avoid injury.

It is a one stop shop for all foot needs. We pay more attention to clothes and less to shoes. The feet carry the burden of the body. We are still standing. The health of the feet is very important. But the least attention is paid to buying the right shoes. As a result, we experience problems like blisters, pain in the knees, back, spine and hip. With an understanding of the science of the feet or the science behind the shoe, we can alleviate the problem, Teja Bodepudi said during her media interaction minutes after the new showroom opened to the public. We bring with us 40 years of experience in the footwear industry. Our parent company Profit Shoes has more than 100 outlets in the southern states of India and it is the most admired brand, he added.

Our job is to watch people’s feet. The reason we chose Hyderabad to roll out this new vertical is that this market is the fastest growing in India. The city is open to new offers. If this model clicks, we would like to replicate it all over India, Teja informed. It’s experiential shoe shopping. We are constantly thinking about improving the customer experience. In fierce competition, an enjoyable experience is one way that adds value to a brand.

Teenagers are looking for fashionable shoes. Fitness enthusiasts look for comfort in walking shoes. Shoe lovers are looking for good shoes. An executive looks for a wide variety of shoes to suit different occasions. The current problem with shoe shopping in Hyderabad is finding the right size / wrong shoes; stretch the shoes, find their choice and color, find a good quality shoe that lasts more than one season of wear, find someone in the shoe store who understands your foot’s needs. The shoe-buying experience is already eroding in online shopping. Rapport helps you to have unique shoes, according to your needs and your choices. The shoes will be as unique as you are, added Teja.

In the years to come, buying shoes will be more complicated as technology is incorporated into the shoe, Teja said. Thanks to wearable technology, smart shoes are on the rise. New generation shoes come with more difficult product design and utility value. Can you imagine that your shoes can make you run faster?

Nike Zoom Vaporfly Running Shoes help athletes run 4% faster. Tie-up shoes are a new trend. Nike already offers self-tie shoes. The Adapt BB – Nike’s decades-long dream of creating a smart, self-lacing shoe that adapts to wearers’ feet is now a reality. After smart homes, luggage, we have smart shoes, digitally connected shoes.

Shoes with GPS can track children, the blind and the elderly, Teja informed. Some shoes see. Shoes with built-in sensors were created to alert blind and visually impaired people of obstacles in their path. There are vegan shoes, made of vegan materials. Shoes made from alternative materials, alternatives to leather like pineapple, marine litter, algae, fungi, etc.

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