Reebok Releases Allen Iverson Question “Blue Toe” Shoes August 19


Reebok is bringing back the Allen Iverson Question “Blue Toe” shoes on August 19th. Reebok sold Question “Blue Toe” sneakers during Iverson’s 1996-97 NBA rookie season.

In 1997, the guard won Rookie of the Year honors with the Philadelphia 76ers after averaging 23.5 points, 4.1 rebounds, 7.5 assists and 2.1 steals per game.

Todd Krinsky, chief executive of Reebok, told Boardroom, “Looking back on the matter, this shoe has gone from very minimal distribution to millions of people asking for it around the world.”

“I remember when it first launched, I was on my way to a Philadelphia locker room – some of the Foot Locker team believed it, some didn’t – and it sold out before it even started. ‘get to the mall.’

Reebok Sells Allen Iverson Question “Blue Toe” Sneakers on August 19

Reebok released the Question sneakers in the late 90s to early 2000s. Even with heavy marketing, Iverson was still surprised that the sneakers had become as popular as they were. An advertisement helped make the dream of the 11-time star player a reality.

“When he first saw Question and saw kids carrying it, it kind of shook him,” Krinsky explained. “We even did a whole commercial at that time. But he loved the Question design and having his own signature shoe that worked for him on the court.

Of course, Iverson was selected first overall by the 76ers in the 1996 NBA Draft. He became the league scoring champion four times during his 14-year career. Additionally, the guard has won two MVP awards and led the NBA three times.

The 76ers legend comments on his shoe line

Asked about his shoe line, Iverson replied, “It was a dream come true. It was close to the same feeling as when you get drafted. Only a certain number of people have their own signature shoe; it really means that you are special.

The shoes will be priced at $160 at retail stores across America. In addition to Reebok, pairs will be available at Champ Sports, Hibbett, Foot Locker and other shoe stores. The retro race will also be offered by Reebok online. Online shopping might be the way to go.

Philadelphia fans are heading to eBay right now. A second-hand pair of Iverson Question “Blue Toe” sneakers are selling for $100 on the site.

However, sold by antspowerwholesale, the new Question “Blue Toe” sneakers are selling on eBay for $150. By using code 20220805SAVE10A, customers will also receive a 10% discount.

However, the seller has sold 34 pairs so far. Only two pairs left in stock. They are selling like hotcakes.

In other news, The Reebok Question Mid “Double Cross” sneakers will be released on October 23, 2022.

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