Ranking the 5 Best Kevin Durant Shoes Under His Nike Contract


Brooklyn Nets superstar forward Kevin Durant has been backed by Nike since stepping foot in the NBA. Durant first signed with Nike in 2007 as a rookie and then got his first signature shoe a year later in 2008.

Since then, Nike has produced new models of “KD” shoes. On that note, here are five of the highest rated KD signature shoe designs to date, based on popular reviews.

5.Nike KD 9

Nike KD 9 shoe model.
Nike KD 9 shoe model.

Kevin Durant’s “Nike KD 9” were considered a big step up from its predecessors. Reviewers noted the shoe’s good traction and extremely comfortable cushioning. However, some said they might have a little too much cushioning for a basketball shoe.

Among other downsides, the design of the shoe is hard to break into and the support features are minimal. But overall they are considered to be very good performance sneakers that are suitable for all types of basketball players.

4. Nike KD 12

Nike KD 12 shoe model.
Nike KD 12 shoe model.

Kevin Durant’s “Nike KD 12” are also known to be a big step forward models that preceded it. The main reason for this is the full-length Zoom strobel underfoot, which provides plenty of response and bounce.

However, when it comes to downsides, the cushioning has split reviewers, with some loving it and others finding it too inconsistent in dustier terrain. Some have also complained that the materials feel cheap. However, the performance of the Flywire upper is considered excellent.

The KD 12s are generally suitable for most basketball players because they are not as long and narrow as most KD models.

3.Nike KD 13

Nike KD 13 shoe model.
Nike KD 13 shoe model.

Kevin Durant’s “Nike KD 13” are also better known for their full-length Zoom strobel, which provides elite cushioning. It also has an effective traction pattern when moving in all directions. This traction is also powerful enough to be effective outdoors.

In addition, the materials of the KD 13 are very light and efficient. The shoe’s support comes from a wide base and is snug.

As for the cons, the shoe would not provide as much lockdown as previous KD models.

Similar to many previous KD models, the KD 13 fits very comfortably on people with regular or narrow feet. However, people with wider feet usually need to choose a larger size. Some were even forced to choose an entirely different shoe model.

2. Nike KD 14

Nike KD 14 shoe model.
Nike KD 14 shoe model.

As for Kevin Durant’s “Nike KD 14”, some reviews said the traction took a bit of time to kick in. The consensus, however, is that they provide strong grip on clean courts. The KD 14s also work very well on dusty courts.

The zoom strobel and cushion in the sole provide a blend of comfort, protection and responsiveness. Some say it’s the softest KD shoe model to date.

As for the downside, the materials feel a bit cheap. But this is compensated by their comfort. This, combined with the wide base and the plastic appliqué on the side, provides plenty of support.

The KD 14s are also said to be less narrow than previous KD models and accommodate a variety of foot sizes.

1. Nike KD 15

Nike KD 15 shoe model.
Nike KD 15 shoe model.

by Kevin Durant new model of shoes, the “Nike KD 15” are popular because of their traction, which works on any type of terrain. Reviewers also said that the padding gives the wearer the ability to feel the terrain. The shoes also allow responsiveness and rebound, while providing solid protection.

The KD 15s are also made of materials that are comfortable and conform to your feet. This allows them to fit a little better than all previous KD models, including on different foot shapes.

As for the downsides, some reviewers say they experienced heel slippage or a lack of security around their heel. However, the Nike KD 15 is still considered one of the best performance basketball shoes available.

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